Sonic or Mario?????

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Now I know this has probably been done a hundred times but this is my first post so just entertain me :-). I've just downloaded the original sonic the hedgehog on me s2 and i was instantly teleported back to my childhood days of playing on the mega drive all day and chucking the controller around the room when Dr Robotnik killed me for the 50th time. So I'm busy trying to prize the ds off my girlfriend to play super Mario, hence the reason for the post. So come on then the Hedgehog or the plumber???
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Thats a tough choice. For me its like asking apples or oranges. Both are awesome but different.

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As in character VS character?

Or series VS series?

My answer is the same for both: Mario.

I never cared for Sonic, even when I was young.  Not the character or the game in which he stared.

Not that I love Mario as a character, really, but I find the Mario games to be much more fun than Sonic games.  And I don't find Mario annoying like I do Sonic.

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I prefer Sonic overall. I still like Mario but just not as much.

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Easily Mario.

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I've always been way more of a Mario fan myself. Sonic is alright though; I am interested in Lost Worlds, and do feel like checking out Sonic CD and Generations.

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Series vs Series is the question, I did think that Mario would be the most popular, they have kept a lot of the original gameplay where as the later sonic games lost the skill factor. Still waiting for a blast on Mario, girlfriend now has battle scarred thumbs.
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Mario is definitely the stronger series overall, but I do enjoy the unique marriage of racing and platforming that only Sonic provides.

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Can't stand either of them.

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Mario. I' m a lot more familiar with him than Sonic.

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Sonic. I still like Super Mario Bros. 1, 3, and the Galaxy games, but that's about it. That, and even when I was a kid, I always thought Mario was a boring and lame character too.

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I've never understood how people can choose Sonic as a better franchise or are we only comparing the platformers on NES/SNES vs Genesis?

I've played most of the Sonic games and a lot of the Mario games. Sonic has had like six good games 1, 2, 3, CD, the DS one whos names I forget, and Colors. Mario has had dozens of good games in about six different genres. I'd choose Mario if he only had the first two Paper Mario games and Mario RPG, or just the Mario and Luigi games on handhelds, and I've always preferred the 2D Mario games on the NES and SNES to the Sonic Genesis games. Sonic was always a short fun game I would be able to rush through as a kid that barely changed it's gameplay with the new titles, every old Mario title improved or was very or completely different (with the exception of the second one, Lost Levels).

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Mario platformers absolutely destroy Sonic platformers from back in the day.

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I grew up with a Mega Drive and Sonic. So the blue hedgehog.
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Mario for me though some of the classic Sonic games are great

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If you asked me this back in the day, It would have been sonic. Now a days, its mario

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Overall it has to be Mario. Mario games have a consistent level of high quality, where as Sonic, at least since turning to 3D, have been very hit and miss, sure Adventure, Adventure 2, Generations and Colors where good, but how terrible Heroes, Sonic '06, Unleashed, Secret Rings, Shadow the Hedgehog, and The Black Knight where far overshadows them.
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#18 Posted by Archangel3371 (23109 posts) -
Definitely Mario for me. I've played several Sonic games and enjoyed them but the Mario games have always been my favourite between the two franchises.
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I'd probably vote for Mario but Sonic has better head nodding music.

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#21 Posted by deactivated-5851fca92f6f5 (100 posts) -

Sonic (Pre-3D Blast) > Mario, although I love Super Mario World to death.

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#22 Posted by josephl64 (4424 posts) -

Easily Mario, never liked Sonic...

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I've always enjoyed Mario games, but I'm gona have to go with Sonic.