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I am trying to get all the emblems in Sonic adventure, and am stuck on trying to get any extra emblems for Big. Basicly, with few exceptions, I can't catch any fish aside from Froggy. And I am pretty sure I have all the lure upgrades too. According to a pretty thorough walkthrough I checked (one all about Big) there are 4. One in the Mystic Ruins forest, one in Ice Cap, one in the sewers in Station Square, and one on the Egg Carriar. Do you know of any others?

The biggest problem I have is that many fish bite, but then let go right away, no music change or anything, don't lose a lifeeither. Is there anything I am missing? Is there something I can dodurring that brief moment and start reeling it in? I tried simply pressing the A button to start reeling, or course.

Also, when I do get a hold on one, it is very hard to catch it most of the time. Sometimes the meter just bursts up within a few seconds andI fail.

Does anyone have any tips at all to help?

EDIT: actually, i have figuered some things out that help. Once a fish bites, press down, and I get the the hit. And release A, and the meter goes down. So every once in a while just release A. I finally got the B mission emblem on Twinkle park.

But I have a new problem. For mission A, I have to catch a 2000g fish. But there just aren't any fish that big most of the time. I found one once, but I messed up and failed to catch it. Now I just can't find any more fish that big. It's a small pond, so they are pretty easy to spot. Anyone have any suggestions?