Something like WoW in singleplayer.

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Hello internet, i got weird taste in WoW. I like soloing old instances, it makes you feel like god just crushing trash and bosses (some are still chalanging, for expample - TK last boss.) but there are no rewards just 70/80lvl gear which s*cks. Any similar games I could play pve/single player style?

P.S. I enjoyed DA2, combat was fast, bosses not to easy (while DA;Origins combat system was too slow for me).

Maybe Diablo 3 (but I don't feel like playing with old style RPG look from top), or GW2, I've heard it got some pve.

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Xenoblade Chronicles is the only thing I can think of, that as well as a game called Star Ocean the Last Hope

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning? I always thought it had a similar art style. Faster-paced combat, though...