Single Player or Online, which matters most to you?

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Posted by Ryan78134 (218 posts) 2 years, 11 months ago

Poll: Single Player or Online, which matters most to you? (124 votes)

Single Player 81%
Online 19%

In the past couple of years, it appears that more & more developers are creating online only (or primarily) games. Rainbow Six Seige, Overwatch, The Division etc. all focus on online multiplayer.

As someone who focuses most of my time on single player, and doesn't tend to dip into online multiplayer, I was wondering how many people would choose online over a single player experience.

So my question for you guys is, if you had to choose between ONE, would you go for online or single player?

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#51 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (18537 posts) -

Hopefully a few developers see these poll results and responses... in particular for me, 343 Industries!

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#52 Posted by PsychoLemons (3180 posts) -

Depends on the genre, obviously, but mostly single player that takes the cake.

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#53 Posted by nethernova (5681 posts) -

Single player. Some people claim that multiplayer games have endless replay value but to me it's always the same. Sometimes there are rare multiplayer games that I play together with friends for a few days (Rocket League or Helldivers were the latest) but that usually gets boring pretty quickly. Even a bad story driven games is more enjoyable to me than repetitive multiplayer nonsense.

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#54 Posted by rosinmonkekyx17 (3019 posts) -

Where's the both?

I prefer multiplayer actually, I rather have a friend, or friends, to play with and usually only play SP to kill time. Unless it's a SP only game like Skyrim or Fallout

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#55 Posted by Deschannel (9 posts) -

A ton of people are complaining about Overwatch being only multiplayer and it has a high metascore. Different games, different styles, different players. They all should have space.

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#57 Posted by Ryan78134 (218 posts) -

The only multiplayer only game that I've invested any real time into is Team Fortress 2. I put around 60 hours into the game, between the Engineer/Heavy/Pyro classes.

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#58 Posted by Zaryia (7810 posts) -

Both, and depends on the game. Right now I like MP due to Overwatch but when I do not play that I will like SP from Blood and Wine.

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#59 Posted by BlazingpanzerIV (53 posts) -

Single player. It's what I've played for over 15 years, so...

I do love me some War Thunder, but that is about it for me when it comes to MP gaming

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#61 Posted by aia89 (2818 posts) -

Single player, I suck at multiplayer.

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#62 Edited by mrbojangles25 (43536 posts) -

tough choice, but singleplayer would be mine.

multiplayer games are great, but they're ultimately designed to be repetitive in order to maintain some sort of balance; you generally know how things are going to go because if it doesn't, it means there is an advantage in favor of someone (and that is no fair). It's the competition and/or cooperation that makes multiplayer fun, and the human element of error, reflexes, strategy, and so forth. In other words, the non-game components make the game fun lol.

With singleplayer, it's not so much about balance but making a rich experience. I also tend to be motivated more by story or plot than by scoreboard or kill count.

It's funny because if you look at my play time over the last, I don't know, five years, you'll probably see that I have hundreds of hours in a small amount of multiplayer games (TF2, BF4 specifically), whereas I have hundreds of hours spent in many many singleplayer games.

Honestly the only singleplayer games I get upwards of a 100 hours into are city builders. Maybe occasionally a really good open-world RPG, but that's about it.

Anyway, TL;DR: singleplayer for me

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#63 Edited by bussinrounds (3096 posts) -

Single player easily.

Played mp/online some years back but quickly soured on the repetitive feel of it. I guess it could be tolerable in short bursts here and there, but I have too many sp games to play and can't be bothered.

Also a lot of the ppl that play these mp type games play the same ones all the time, so just playing a little here and there, you're pretty much gonna get destroyed.

And I don't have any real life friends that play, so there's another reason.

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#64 Edited by gamingstar302 (7 posts) -

I am voting for single-player, but I think this question would be better suited as "online" and "offline".

I do a lot of split-screen and local multiplayer gaming with my friends and family with games ranging anywhere from Mario Party to Halo, and this is multiplayer, although offline. This is also an important part to me. I was crushed to discover Halo 5 took out this key feature. That aside, I am definitely a single-player gamer as well. With the amount of different games I play, along with other things going on in my life, I don't have the time to devote to just one to become insanely good at it. I'll never be competitive with some of the best FPS players because I'm not willing to put in all that time.

The point here is that single-player can be enjoyed at your pace and you don't need consistent practice to pick up a Pokémon game. You can pick up where you left off. The game world doesn't exist unless you're in it. That seclusion and disconnection is actually part of what I like most about games.

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#65 Posted by italygamer (665 posts) -

Most people want to play multiplayer games, be it online or, at a lesser extent, local.

Gamers with a deeper passion for games, instead, will most likely prefer single player games instead. I for one want to play not just one single game, but several different ones.

However, multiplayer is the main thing in the present and even more so in the future and I won't be suprised if some time soon all games will feature an online component if not completely reliant on the multiplayer aspect. The next Super Mario may be completely online!

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#66 Posted by Ryan78134 (218 posts) -

@italygamer:Do you not think it's strange that companies focus on online multiplayer, and the trend right now is slowly increasing in games focusing on online aspects, when the poll here suggests 81% consumers are more interested in the single player/offline aspects of gaming?

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#67 Posted by NumberSeven (14 posts) -

Single player, unless you can play with your Steam friends or some such. Playing with strangers can only end in tears.

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#68 Posted by Ryan78134 (218 posts) -

@numberseven: Maybe I'm just old school, but there's nothing better than a couch, split screen co-op, a pizza & some beers.

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#69 Posted by Epak_ (10610 posts) -

Single player, always.

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#70 Posted by ramansingh3 (57 posts) -

Single Player. I prefer a story and a reason for why the events are occurring in the game.

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#72 Posted by Exceed20XX (814 posts) -

I veer more towards single player now. Multiplayer's great for sure but the longevity of a good multiplayer game often varies sadly. Single player remains permanently relevant though.

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#73 Posted by NumberSeven (14 posts) -

@ryan78134: There's nothing wrong with that, to be sure. I love playing with friends, after all. I think what I mean is that there's negative connotations towards playing games with perfect strangers. Too often in sandbox multilayer games you find random jerks that just want to destroy other people's stuff for a quick, cheap laugh.

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#74 Posted by BattleStreak (1763 posts) -

To everyone saying multiplayer is repetitive, can't the same be said for single player?

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#76 Posted by Cboy95 (166 posts) -

Give me a Titanfall/Overwatch crossover with a single player campaign and you'd have my attention.

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#77 Posted by Baconstrip78 (1314 posts) -

@undefined: SP but online makes sense. Create less content, let the players enter an endless carrot-on-stick loop, then release new carrots, and charge for all of them.

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#78 Posted by mrbojangles25 (43536 posts) -


I...I think I'm done with most competitive online. And thus far a lot of the 4-player co-op games (Borderlands, Destiny, The Division, etc.) are so. damn. BORING!

I like to dabble in MMO's on occasion but so far that's about the only online time I spend these days.

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#79 Posted by npiet1 (1921 posts) -

I'll play zombies online, but if I could only choose 1. It definitely would be sp. Mp can become repetitive.

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#80 Posted by Sevenizz (3394 posts) -

I prefer multiplayer gaming. SP is boring, scripted, and antisocial.

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#81 Posted by iwilson1296 (2451 posts) -

Single player only

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#82 Posted by GNS (314 posts) -

It's been years since I've played online. So, SP.

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#83 Posted by TheDarkWolf86 (583 posts) -

I personally no longer have enough time to sit around and become experienced enough to play online anymore. I used to love online games but historically, they are the same. If mentioning two online games I have played recently, I would mention Star Wars Battlefront 2 and The Division. I stopped playing SWBF2 mostly for the same reasons others quit but oddly enough, The Division I actually never played much competition or co-op missions. I get the game is online, but I enjoyed the story and the replay value more than anything online could offer. As I get older (33), I have realized my choice in games steer more towards single player modes and I avoid online as much as possible.

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#84 Posted by Valgaav_219 (2216 posts) -

Definitely single player for their pacing, characters, and stories and worlds which offer me a different level of immersion and allow me to play at my own pace. I'm always down to play Monster Hunter World for like an hour but the majority of my playtime will be spent playing single player.

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#85 Posted by DaVillain- (35448 posts) -

@mrbojangles25 said:


I...I think I'm done with most competitive online. And thus far a lot of the 4-player co-op games (Borderlands, Destiny, The Division, etc.) are so. damn. BORING!

I like to dabble in MMO's on occasion but so far that's about the only online time I spend these days.

But you said that 2 years ago here.

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#86 Posted by JeanontheRoad (5 posts) -

Single player. We often have no internet.

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#87 Posted by Er3b (3 posts) -

i prefer online ranked games or Co-op games with a friend :) best for me

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#88 Posted by Archangel3371 (27340 posts) -

Very old thread is very old.

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#89 Posted by joshyjess (51 posts) -

As seems to be the vast majority of people here - I'm definitely a Single Player gamer. I've played a few on-line / multi-player type games, but they just aren't for me. My playing style (very slow grinder who likes to check every nook and cranny of every corner) is just not very compatible to most on-line / multi-player type games.

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#90 Posted by MonsieurX (38896 posts) -

3 years old thread, yikes

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#91 Posted by wolfpup7 (1176 posts) -

Online could go away and I wouldn’t care. I’ve played like hours of online in my life versus non-stop single player stuff every day.

I’m still open to finding something multiplayer I care about, and I do like but hardly ever get to play like Mario party. Loved the crew 1...only it’s actually the best single player racing game ever, which just arbitrarily requires that you be online all the time for the single player game.

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#92 Posted by Khazrak134 (158 posts) -

im surprised by how lopsided this poll is. and I guess im just adding to that. Singleplayer for me.

I like multiplayer now and again. I think MW2 was the last game i invested tons of time in to the multiplayer, but i poured countless hours playing the SP campaign in different styles. Ill pop in a Battlefield game to get my fix. But for the most part, story driven SP games are my cup of tea

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#93 Posted by Byshop (19519 posts) -

@cboy95 said:

Give me a Titanfall/Overwatch crossover with a single player campaign and you'd have my attention.

Please don't bump old threads.