should i play dragon age 2 ???

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okay here is it i played dragon age origins and i loved it ! it was the perfect game , i liked it even more than skyrim and mass effect 3 , the story and emotions and unexpected choices and and ... it was amazing , but the thing is i havent played dragon age 2 yet but i saw my brother playing before i started origins and i didnt like it , then now i read about it and im really disappointed with it , i really would like to continue as a warden even if after centuries , as the beging of dragon age 2 it dosnt seem like the first from the first choices , i mean it is wtf ! u can only be human ! though i was a human in my warden but this sucks anyhow i guess the rpg and oen world is not the same and origins was way better ( ah and i hate hawke , the warden made me feel that it is me but hawke just seems like playing a game and that sucks )but the question for u guys is : should i play dragon age 2 , will it ruin my good memory of origins ???
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short answer yes with an if, long answer no with a but. If you need additional clarification, seek out your local oracle.
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I couldn't even finish Dragon Age 2. It just seemed so repetitive to me. I think it's a cool game to mess around with, but Origins was so much better. I would say try it out, some people really liked it despite it's flaws.
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short answer yes with an if, long answer no with a but.Allicrombie
Always nice to see a crafty Simpsons reference. :P Anyway, I would say: NO. Dear lord no. Stay the heck away. This is the game that made it apparent that Bioware is very sadly losing its touch. Dragon Age 2, while technically competent and not badly designed on its own merit, is still an abysmal mess of a game when compared to Dragon Age: Origin. DA: O is probably one of my favorite video games, and easily one of my favorite non-Japanese video games, and Dragon Age 2 is just incredibly awful by comparison. It takes almost everything that was enjoyable about the first game and throws it out the window and sets it on fire. There isn't enough time in the day to talk about how many things were wrong with Dragon Age 2, considering how extremely well-done the original was.
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On the other hand, it's $10 EVERYWHERE, so it will cost you almost nothing to find out for yourself...

Personally, I enjoyed it for what it was, and the DLC was actually pretty good. There are definite problems, but it would have been looked upon more kindly if it was a new entry in a new series.

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I loved Origins and I have to admit it did take a while for me to get into DA2, I did start to like it after playing for a while, however there are many down sides to it, the recycled dungeons, you cant give any of the characters any armour you want. However I did like the way that your character said what you picked, the womans voice was good but the mans irritated me. I liked the story though (even though it felt short) and I'm really looking forward to DA3 and the ideas that they are coming up with for it.