Sharing a horror game that a person has spent months

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Table of Contents

  •  Foreword

  •  Introduction to the game

  •  Brief description of the production process

  •  Upload Steam and Achievements

  •  Conclusion & Other


Hello, everyone, I am from Taiwan, I am very happy to be able to post here. Although my English grammar is not very good, I still hope to make friends with foreign friends. Today I will share this horror game engine with Unity development, because it is the first time took a lot of time to made the game. In the process, I have to thank many of online friends for helping me. Although it is just a small work + non-professional experience, if you have a seminar or want to made games like me, For the dream of the shelves, welcome refer to the text (to sort out the URLs referenced in many production processes)

Introduction to the game:

Game name: The Counterattack OF Sacrifice

Game platform: PC

Game language:English / Chinese

Game type: Adventure / Horror game / Independent production

Game description: Explore the game world through the use of the first person perspective. The scene combines Western and Oriental elements. The content is biased towards horror, darkness and ambiguity. The main line contains 13 scenes and three easter egg.

Story introduction: The game's narrative protagonists parents want to visit relatives who live far away. Later, for unknown reasons, there is suddenly missing, and the protagonist who is determined to go alone in order to find the truth can successfully find his parents! ?

Steam page:


If you want to see more content about tutorial welcome to :

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U should play fatal frame series before making a horror game.