Section 8:Prejudice damage setup?

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I'm looking for a build that has really high damage at mid to close range, probably with a shotgun, plasma cannon, or a machine gun. Some armor upgrades, a few stealth upgrades, and lots of plus damage. I want a grenade, but I'm not sure what other equipment I want. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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well if u wanna be annoying at close/mid range, u may get the 3rd option of the pulse cannon , it shots like 3 or 4 pulses, with that i can almost kill every one, unless they got high armor status, but the shield , be sure that once the pulse hit the target, the shield will be off, another weapon u could use maybe the fire shotgun or the fire machine gun, bot rigth now i got the barrage assault rifle(3 bullets per shot) , and a pistol that slows the target which is very good at taking off the shields and well slows the target to let u aim easier. Long time ago i used to use a napalm rocket launcher and the machinegun. now the perks... dump 4/3 on tungsten armor and maybe some at gyro- :D