Secret of Mana is 20 Years old today, Lets celebrate!

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Sup guys? Anyone here find it crazy and feel terribly old that Secret of Mana is 20 now? This game is one of my all time favorites- and just might BE my all time favorite. So much in fact, I set out on an epic journey with friends to craft the best album tribute to it we can manage. Go to the website and get your free samples! Some of you might be more familiar with OCR's albums. We're not affiliated with OCR, though you may recognize some names from there. This will feature much more live instruments than they tend to have. Which means you'll get a whole lot of rock, but also some haunting piano, violins, djembe drums, chiors.. you name it, we probably have it. We also have a truckload of art to go with it. Launching for real in September. Hope you enjoy! And if you're a fan of this game, speak up! I'd love to hear the stories :) I'm probably going to play it tonight with my brother for celebration's sake. PARTY!