Searching for the next great RTS game to play with my friends.

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Hello everyone, I love RTS games and especially a few of them. I am playing RTS with my friends like everyday but recently we got bored of all the games we have and we want to try something new. I have tried already so much and I didnt like them as much as the old ones. The games I love and nolived on: AGE OF EMPIRES III!!!!!! EPIC Rise of Nations Battle for Middle-Earth 2 A bit of Anno 1404 Total War games The first 3 are the most popular, I played them so much and I still love them! But now I want to find another great RTS game. It would be great if it looked like AoE3. The games that I already tried: Age of Empires 2. (Didnt like the graphics and same units everytime again and the AI who build over the entire map. I like citybuilding) Futuristic games. Hated them all. I prefer historic. (So no Starcraft) I am searching for a game where u can build a base, train units and demolish your friends. :p Can anybody recommend me some titels? Mardy
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I noticed you specifically said you dislike Starcraft, but you made no mention of Warcraft. Have you tried it? It's not just the lameness that is known as WoW, it started off as RTS games. Also worth mentioning is the Stronghold series. They're a little outdated, but Stronghold Crusader is still fun to play. A game I bet you'll love is Company of Heroes. It's the most beautiful looking RTS series in my opinion. I would play it now, because next year a new Company of Heroes game is coming out. It's gonna be awesome.
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cnc3 kanes wrath or tiberium wars
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Yeah...Starcraft is mainstream RTS. It capitalizes on combat tactics and not much else.

Stronghold is definitely worth a look: Strongold 1 and Crusader were great. Unfortunately, they keep seeing worse and worse additions to the franchise. Stronghold focuses on castles in the Middle Ages. There is an emphasis on some warfare, but it largely focuses on castle life. Also, it has by far the best base-building mechanics of any game I've ever played. You construct your towers and walls and station your troops on top of them to fend off enemy siege towers and ladders during sieges.

Age of Empires is good. Have you checked out the Online edition of the game? Age of Empires Online doesn't quite live up to the graphics of Age of Empires III or even the ingenuity of Age of Kings, but it's still a free to play RTS game that specializes in multiplayer. You have a home city that you build yourself, upgrade your units with equipment and research, and create a unique and diverse playing experience through a series of mission that span across the Mediterranean. 

Company of Heroes, as someone said, is the most beautiful of the RTS's right now. It makes use of a cover system like Dawn of War did. Environments are totally destructible, so the tank that your riflemen were hiding behind can be completely blown to pieces, and your riflemen could still use that tank's smoldering frame for cover for pretty much the duration of the game. It's very realistic, but if I can tell anything from your likes and tastes, you're going to be more into the medieval RTS's.

I'd say that Stronghold is probably the game you'll like the most. There will be another Stronghold game, and the studios that makes it won't be pressed for a release date this time, so it should be much better. What's more, it's Crusader 2, and Stronghold Crusader was incredibly addictive and still is. If they took Crusader and slapped new-age graphics on it, I'd buy it in a second. 

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you gotta play rome: total war, best rts in history imo.

you got to manage family member, citys massive battles everything, and choose like 12 different nation i think

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Have you tried Wargame: European Escalation.  That's a lot of fun.

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You should try AXIS&ALLIES its a little old but its GREAT.
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this is a list of games that I can remember at this moment:

- Command & Conquer: Generals (one of the best)

- Stronghold crusader (old but nice one)

- Empire Earth (1 and 2) similar to rise of nation

- Company of Heroes (the second will be released soon)

- Red alert 2

- Rise and Fall


ps: all the games in your list are my favorites :)