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Hello everyone, Can anyone offer me a game similar to Jade Empire? I mean, I know it's RPG and stuff, but I need something with similar fighting enginge. The things I like about Jade Empire: (hope that someone can offer me smth alike) 1. You do the mainstory, no random optional quests - not necessarily very bad, because you can ignore them. 2. There are no armors, only swords and martial art styles! 3. Maps are fully revealed, no stupid world exploration. No time wasting on walking for hours. 4. No quests like transporting something to other place or gathering some random s**t. Here's Jade Empire fighting gameplay: Thanks in advance, MaskGT
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I have a suggestion which meets a lot of your criteria, but the problem is, as far as I know, it's PSP only.

You'll find it as either Kingdom of Paradise or Key of Heaven depending on where you are in the world - if you can access a PSP then have a look at the review on here. It's an action RPG with absolutely fantastic graphics for a handheld system. Definitely worth trying.

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Nope - no PSP. Only PC :/ Anyone?
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not 100% sure if this fits youre criteria fully but 9 dragons is a great martial arts game there are several martial arts to choose and lots of quests that folow the story line but its more of an mmorpg than a normal game