RPG suggestion, please

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Took a break from gaming for a bit and seeking some suggestions for a decent RPG. I loved The Witcher 3 and am actually considering playing it again. I'd rather play something new. I've never played any Fallout and thought about Fallout 4, but can this be played in 3rd person? (First person games are not for me)

Any engrossing 3rd person RPG suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Fallout 4 is in 3rd person. But I can't recommend it as I have never played it.

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Main platform? I will assume on PC. Assassin's Creed Odyssey received a lot of love in its rpg mechanics and its level system is personally very nicely implemented. If you overleveled all enemies will also level 2-4 levels below you, very nicely done in my opinion.

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@sakaixx: Platform is PS4 and I've completed Odyssey to the Platinum trophy. (it was a chore)

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Kingdoms of Amateur is great if you like action RPGs that lean heavily toward action. It's from last gen but play it if you can.

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Seems you like immersion and story focused RPGs. So probably Divinity: Original Sin II from what I play.

Think it like Dragon Age, but better in every way.

It's tactical and strategy, but also has a lot of quest and conversations that change the story. It's also extremely flexible in what you can do and when.

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Play the real ones (1,2,NV), if you're gonna play the Fallout series.

...not Bethesduh's trash spin offs.

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- Horizon Zero Dawn (Probably my favorite PS4 exclusive overall. I can't recommend this game enough if you haven't already played it.)

- Persona 5 (Probably the best JRPG this gen. Lots of content, turn-based combat done extremely well, and an overall polish and style that you don't see in many games these days.)

I really didn't like Fallout 4. I couldn't play it for long. My list is short but you've already played The Witcher 3 which is what an RPG is supposed to be imo

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@MiguelNoche: . Since ur on ps4 Horizon Zero Dawn is excellent if u haven't played it yet. Another suggestion is its not open world but I would like to suggest one of the best game of this gen, or ever, BLOODBORNE. Get the old hunter's edition if you can. "May the good blood guide your way" as they say in Yharnam!

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@judaspete said:

Kingdoms of Amateur is great if you like action RPGs that lean heavily toward action. It's from last gen but play it if you can.

I am guessing you mean Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. If so, that is a game I would recommend as well. Has a great open world feel to it, and the game itself has some fascinating history if you are into that sort of thing.

Fallout 4 is a good game in its own right, but measuring it against The Witcher 3 is pointless. They are completely different and Fallout 4 has virtually none of the charm or character depth TW3 has. I found Fallout 4 to be enjoyable as an exploration and semi-survival game mostly. It is not an RPG in the same way The Witcher is.

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@Blueresident87: Yes, Kingdoms of Amalur is what I meant. Not sure if it was a typo or auto correct :)

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I've played Horizon Dawn twice, played Kingdoms of Amalur and never got far with Bloodborne before I gave it away. AC Odyssey I never really viewed as an "RPG" b/c I like switching up / upgrading equipment. Even the new God of War had some that. Thanks for the Divinity: Original Sin II suggestion. I've never heard of it and may not be exactly what I'm looking for, but looks like I may give it a try - especially at $20. That's 4 lattes. haha. It's time for me to realize again just how much I loved the Witcher 3 and need to revisit that gem again one day.

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Fallout 3 > Fallout 4 imo, and a better role playing experience too. Doesn't really work on windows 7 or 10 tho.

For something slightly different you couldn't go wrong with Mass effect 2.

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Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis, ONYX, Hero's Realm, Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance