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Avatar the last airbender. They could let you pick your element and character look. Or maybe you could be the avatar and you pick your base element. And you must learn the 4 elements.Your player progesses in level in each different elment. Choosing perks in each element each time you level. and when you level up new moves in the element could be open. And the farther you move up in each level you gain levels in the avatar class. In which you pick perks and moves that include all the elements. Some ideas for perks in the avatar class could be longer avatar state, more damage in every element, etc. So in seperate elements the perks could be like more damage faster attacks and perks refering to moves that you unlocked using scrolls or you xp. Oh and a perk for earthbending could be metalbending. High level.The storyline i dont know. Thats for the game developers to decide. I just want to throw some ideas for side things to do to take your mind of the storyline. You could put in the earthbending arena that was in the show. You cold put the new arena thing that is in the new show (which i dont like) And speaking of the new show dont take too many ideas from that show because not many origanal avatar fans watch that and wouldnt buy the game. Take most ideas from the origanal show. Not many from the new one. Well thats all my thoughts on MY idea. I would love if bethesda did this franchise. And if you (bethesda) are reading this i wont sue you. So yeah. Do it. :) And for you games reading this who love and watched the original show leave some ideas below. :)

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Great idea. Although some people might think it is for young kids. It would be hard to make element bending like the series though.
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They should make it free roaming as well, I would love to live in that world.
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Good idea and would be a cool way to do a game based on that series. Like the previous said though it's market would target younger kids most likely 14 and under. Not that that is bad but it might get the wrong image kind of like the LEGO games. Still a great idea though.