Roman Historical Campaigns Available - Scenario

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We are so glad to inform you that a brand new feature, Campaign, is now released on iOS and Andriod. You may play the historical campaigns by tapping the icon right beside the Facebook-like icon on the lower right of your town screen. The feature is upgraded automatically. Please note that you need to upgrade the game to build 20120305-27(iPhone & Andriod), or 20120305-21(HD version) to play Campaign. You may need to reload the game several times until the auto-patch is successfully upgraded. Roman Empire historical campaign covers altogether ten periods, ranging from the Punic Wars to the conflicts with the Parthians, each presenting a distinctive series of war events as well as a number of corresponding regional maps. There lie several to dozens of locations on the map, depending on the campaign, forming several routes towards the final level. Each location is occupied by newly-introduced enemy units, with or without leadership under a special enemy hero. To finish a campaign, you need to make your way to the final level in a given time by taking locations one by one, before confronting the enemy general. You may dispatch two heroes to the war. While the heroes cannot be switched in campaigns, your lost units in the scenario battles can be manually replenished, given sufficient back-up in your barracks camp. By defeating the final enemy, you win a chance to draw your reward, ranging from a huge amount of resources to some extremely rare items. Also, first time you claim victory to a campaign, you will be rewarded Reputation Points, which normally only obtained on PvP battlefield.