Roman Empire - Consume n Reward Event

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We feel very honor that a large amount of players have accompanied with us for more than one year.We make friends, we make alliances, we are family.

Please give us a chance to pay back your firmly supporting.

During 8am GMT,Dec-18-2012 to 8am GMT,Dec-28-2012, your 50 gold consumption in the game will be regarded as 1 scores.

When the score reach 1,2,5,7,15,30,50 you will be rewarded the following items:

1 scores: Potion of Vigor *1

2 scores: Recruit Pack *1

5 scores: Potion of Vigor II *1

7 scores: Potion of EXP *1

15 scores: Potion of EXP II *1

30 scores: Ring of Bronze *1RP+100

50 scores: Ring of Earth *,RP+200

Please note that the reward can only be claimed for one time.

If you have any question,do not hesitate but let us know.

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