retro PC game I can't find (PLEASE HELP!)

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Hello Everyone

There is an old video game that i used to play with my bother when i was younger on PC windows 98 that i can't find. I can't remember the name of the game but I'll give you some clues that might help:

- The game producing company is something moose productions. the theme of the production company is a a skinny moose that is appears to be chewing something and then one of his antlers falls off. the moose later appears on the game where you try to hunt it.

- When you start the game it gives a choice between two languages, one of them is swedish as I remember. Not sure if that was just the version i had or just the way it is.

- The game is a whole town map where you get to click on different part of the city and get to play different games and score points or earn money I am not sure.

- The game graphics are cartoon like with funny sounds and graphics.

- one part of the city is the opera house. when you click on it, you appear to be in the opera house and you get heckle the terrible opera singer by throwing tomatoes at him.

-Another part of the town is the motel. When you click on it, you get to play musical chairs on the motel bed but with ants instead of people. when your ants loses. it rides into a limosine and a voice say "Elvis has left the building"

- Another part of the town is where you get to hunt the moose that appears in the productions company there. It is so hard to hunt him as he seems to bite the bullet everytime you try to shoot him. The only way you get to kill him is by shooting a tank of some sort that blows it up.

-Another part of the town is when you get to wash the car of someone from the town for money. But as soon as the guy leaves and the timer starts counting, All sorts of shenanigans start to happen. Birds start to poop on the car and a brat kid makes it dirty with paint.

- The last part i remember from the town is where you get to protect a sleeping guy from being disturbed. You seem to be a toaster shooting toast bread upwards from anything that falls down from the sky. it gets more difficult with more time.

Anyways that's all the information i have about the game. If anyone knows this game please help. As I am feeling very nostalgic and this would bring back to many pleasant memories.