Resident Evil 7?

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Will it ever be better than the rest, or can we expect a fall of the franchise?

Send in your thoughts, what do you think?

will the resident evil story come to an end? or will the producers come up with something?

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I don't know and I don't care. All I need is split screen co-op. The genre could be a platforming FPS for all I care, but add co-op and I'm all In. It wouldnt hurt to have more game modes though, the campaigns have been novel experiences since the 1st game.
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I don't think they will ever had a definite ending to RE - even when the game has a conclusion there will be the possiblity of another game in the series.

look how long Final Fantasy has evolved and gone on over the years.

there have been oddles of Resident Evil games with no real connection between hardly any of them so yeah don't worry about there being an ending that will bring it all to a final conclusion.

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Resident Evil is similar to Final Fantasy and Silent Hill.

there are quite a few games in all of the series and all of them have sold well and a few games in each franchise are considered to be among the all time greats in gaming even those that didn't have high review scores were fairly popular with a large sement of the games so more games have been made for the current generation of systems.

I expect to see a new entry in the Resident Evil series before too long and if you are a fan of Silent Hill and Final Fantasy or even Forbidden Siren and Alan Wake each of these could very well have a new game out before too long and I would go so far as to be willing to bet on at least SH and FF.

and I would not bet against any of them.

there also are many more games that have been popular and deserve sequels.

too many to list them all so we can only speculate on which sequel will come out next

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The same thing I always say..."Barry, where's Barry??"

I think they should roll a single player joint with Barry. Purely single player. Where is that soul-less bastar*?

Ian Bathelt

P.S. It appears Claire has also gone missing now...