Rent video games through the mail?

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Has anybody tried renting games on websites like Gamefly, Gamerang, or any website like those? I'm trying to find a dependable site with a low costs. Any recommendations and personal experiences welcome! Thanks!

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ermm gamefly is suppose to be ok , but i'd rather buy games used from gamestop and return them after 7 days for a full refund if i dont like it.

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I have tried Gamefly and GameNFlix. Gamefly is a good one for sure, sometimes the most recent games can be a little hard to get sometimes not though, I got GTA4 a day after release from gamefly, then you can buy them for about 40 used i think. Gamenflix not my favorite.
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O ok thanks! I might try gamefly, it seems like the best deal that i can find from a site that seems reliable.

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I tried gamefly and hated it.. They would send me games far down on my list and skip ones that were available. On top of it, sometimes I would have to wait a week until they would send another game after they received mine. I quit them and joined Gamerang and am very happy. I get the games I want (even new ones) and it's much faster. If you have a problem they have a phone line you can call. The catch is that they are a little more expensive, but for me it's worth it to get the games I want quickly.
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I'm starting to dislike how Gamefly runs itself. Maybe i'm too used to Netflix, but if the subscriptions are all pre pay, if I cancel I should have the remainder of the month. When you threaten to cancel and they off you 50% off for the next month, they don't tell you that they IMMEDIATELY debit your account. That was pretty shady. It felt like Gamestop opened up a rental site and carried over all of their shady practices.

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I've had gamefly for almost a year now and I'm pretty happy with the service. I've got the two game plan and I've done the math on how much money I've saved renting versus buying every game I've played and it's like 300 bucks. Never takes them more than 5 days to ship me a new game. I do live in the same state as one of the shipping centers though. I only had to send one game back that didn't work, but it was an old PS2 game. DS games have trouble registering in the DS slot sometimes. PSP games for the most part can't really get jacked up. Never had a problem with 360 games cuz I always play them off my hardrive.

Only downside is it is hard to get the exact game you want, popular ones and new releases especially. I've tried to circumvent this by using the rentals to supplement my game playing. I'll buy a game that I know is of high quality and will provide me with many hours of gameplay and play this during the "downtime" of waiting for a new game in the mail. I mostly rent games that peak my interest but not enough for me to actually shell out the cash for.

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Yeah i ended up getting gamefly and ive been using it a couple months now. Im pretty happy with it, it takes me about 4 days from the time i put a game in the mail until i get a new one back. That is not bad considering i live in NC and it ships from Tampa, 2 days to get there and 2 days to get back. It is kinda of 50-50 of whether or not i get a game at the top of the list. One gamenever showed up in my mailbox and all i had to do was fill out an online form that took 3 minutes to do and they sent me a replacement. It was at no expense tome so i was satisfied overall:) I would def recommend it because i personallydo save money and get to play more games that i wouldnt normally purchase!