remember when games were $50?

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#51 Posted by foxhound_fox (97376 posts) -
It was in Canadian funds so I'm not really sure what the value of our dollar was back then.Archangel3371
Horribly awful. :D
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#52 Posted by ArchonOver (1103 posts) -
For PC, most games are released at $50.
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#53 Posted by brucecambell (1489 posts) -

Games are cheaper than they have ever been.

Games on the SNES/SEGA had a cost of $60, they only cost thousands of dollars to make & the game itself only lasted 2 hrs.

Now games cost upwards of $30 million or more & the cost of making games will only go up. Games last at least 8 or more hrs so they last 4 times longer than they used to but cost a buck load more to make. Games are cheap as can be nowdays. They couldnt be cheaper

So while games are getting cheaper, games are costing more to make, games have superior experiences than they used to be & they last longer, yet people are getting more & more butthurt over the prices . . . . . i dont know what to say. What your getting for what your paying has never been more worth the price than it is now.

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#54 Posted by NiKva (8181 posts) -
I remember when games only cost $29.99 :(
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#55 Posted by CDuG (1946 posts) -

As someone who grew up in the 8-16-bit era, and clearly I'm not alone, you are complaining to the wrong people. Your "remember when" is from what? A year ago? Maybe two? When 15-20 years ago we were paying more. For games you can get in collected bundles now for $20 and unless you were playing a pretty serious RPG which was NOT the norm, you were looking at about 5 hours to finish a game absolute MAX. As for "DLC" or bonus content? If your friend could plug a controller in and join you, that was your bonus content.