RAIDERZ opinions so far

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#1 Posted by csveiman (42 posts) -

RaiderZ is an upcoming free to play - true action- MMO, and though its still some ways before its release there is quite a number out there doing beta testing.

To anyone doing the beta testing, what are your opinions on this game so far? is it worth playing? what are its ups and downs?

Just trying to get a view of what is coming.


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#2 Posted by svinjche (340 posts) -

I like the game so far but in the end its sam sh itty quest grinder!

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I really have to say that this one is on the list of good games I have played. Too bad I have to leave it to play better games that recently came out. I'll rate this game 7.9/10.
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This game will surely get your attention but there are better games out there than this one.