Racing games with story?

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So outside of need for speed: the run what racing games actually have a story behind them? I am trying to play some genres outside my normal zone of comfort.

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Driver San Francisco.

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R: Racing Evolution comes to mind

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Racing Lagoon(PS1) but it isJapanese.

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F-Zero GX has a story to it. It came out for the GC. GCs are cheap but you could also play it on your Wii if you own one (although you'd also need a GC memory card either way).
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Dont know the history or story of racing game but like them and enjoy Drift 3 car racing game the most. But will be glad to know about Drift 3 games story..
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The oldest example I can think of is Final Lap Twin, which was released by Namco in 1989 for the PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 console as a spin-off to their 1987 arcade racing game Final Lap, which was itself a successor to the hugely popular Pole Position series (the big daddy of modern racing games).

So what is Final Lap Twin about? Well, it pretty much created an entirely new genre of its own: the racing RPG. It's basically like Pole Position meets Dragon Quest, or rather a proto-Gran-Turismo meets proto-Pokemon, with the character on a quest to fulfill his father's dream of him becoming the best racer, so he goes exploring towns and challenges other racers to racing battles. Other RPG elements include non-linear open-world exploration, gaining experience, upgrading the vehicle, and buying new parts for it. It was very ahead of its time, though the only other game I can think of that attempted a similar racing-RPG formula was probably Squaresoft's Racing Lagoon in 1999.

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Maybe Test Drive Unlimited (2) for the Xbox360/PS3? Or Twisted Metal? But that's more a destruction derby game with guns and explosives.
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I am a racing gamer. I was champion in the inter college NFSMW competetion
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Need for Speed Most Wanted Black Edition is great and it has a fairly engaging story that draws you along, has a clever ending too. This game carries over into Need for Speed Carbon as well. I enjoyed both of them, but Most Wanted still stands out as one of my all time favorites. Once you get more advanced cars, the speed of the pursuits is insanely fun! And with Carbon, the night canyon races, can be extremely challenging but fun though!

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I am fond of playing GTA Vice City. have you tried it?
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I am fond of playing GTA Vice City. have you tried it? Lovely637
Yeah I have played it and finished it. It is quite entertaining and the story was well developed. I also really liked all different vehicles you can aquire, boats, motorcyles, helicopters, etc.
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nfs mw for sure ........gr8 game with gudd story

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Midnight Club LA,Need for speed -most wanted are of good storyline games.....
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Toca Race Driver: Ryan McKane's story about her father's tragic racing accident.

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Maybe also iRacing, but there is not casual written story as you make your own driving carrer story online. It's more like real life online sim racing story where you write your own racing book.

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oh that's have great story i like it.
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The Need For Speed series. Driver San Francisco F1 series