Quick save in 'Risen' wont work.

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How can i get the quicksave to work in 'Risen'. The quicksave ( F8 ) and quickload (F9) hotkeys are locked and cannot be changed.

Oh, and its not the keyboard as the F8 key works fine with other programmes.

I'm enjoying the game but having to stop and save in the menu is killing the rhythm and atmosphere of the game.

I downloaded it from 'gamersgate.com'.

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My Gamersgate version is fine, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Still, I read this advice in another forum:

In order to remap those locked shortcuts you have to edit following file: vista: c:\users\(username)\appdata\local\risen\configuser .xml xp: c:\documents and settings\(username)\appdata\risen\configuser.xml Your setting will probably be in line 77. Just change "Key_F8=QuickSave_0" to anything you want it to be. For Example "Key_O=QuickSave_0"

That should help