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It was one of my all time fave games last gen. I'm considering buying Valkyria Revolution. Does anyone know if revolution is better or hopefully at least as good as chronicles was. In some vids, I see swordplay action now. Not sure how I feel about it but I trust sega to make magic again. Opinions on revolution? (Without giving any of the story away)

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I didn't played Revoltions. But it is no longer Strategy game. It is a basic action game, and from what i've seen it is not very good one. Also many reviews says that the cutscenes are pretty long (which is a problem that was on chronicles too, but still). Many reviews says it is not worth your time or money, even if it is on 40$ from start.

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It's review scores were really bad. I've never seen it score any higher than a 6/10. I've talked to a few fans of the series who actually own the game and they say it's not that bad. Actually most people I've talked to that have played it like it. I think it's worth a try if you start the game with an open mind and also a realization that you're not playing the original Valkyria Chronicles. I'll probably end up picking it up once I can get it for about $20.

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@valgaav_219: I'm kinda disappointed to hear that it's strayed from the original...which was golden to me. I liked the strategic aspect of the game and to go to being mostly action is kind of a turn off, still, I'll most likely wind up picking it up down the road but I don't think I want to buy it full priced though. I may need to check out more vids. I wish I could get a few more opinions though before I make a solid decision

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@slvrraven9: Hey, you never know. Maybe this was a quick cash grab to increase funding for a true new Valkyria Chronicles. That'd be dope lol

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You probably should have asked for people who played Revolution in the title. I came in here but I've only played Valkyria Chronicles.

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@valgaav_219: apparently they are going to start work on a VC3 in the near future! least that's the work going around in the sega forums. Now THAT I'm definitely hyped about!

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@glitch-: thinking about it now, you're probably right. I should have. 😕😕

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The Valkyria Chronicles series ended at the first game for me. Everything after has been subpar, and in the case with Revolution, a blatant cash grab. Revolution is especially heinous because it isn't even a turn-based game anymore. If you read some reviews about it, you'll see that it was only made to make money off of the name and it was designed to pander to the largest audience possible. It's like the Dead Space 3 of the Valkyria series.