Question about SNES cartridge types

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Recently bought a Super Nintendo in excellent condition and am now seeking to build a collection of most of the top rated games. During search I have found that some of the cartridges are different looking than others, even among the same titles. Below are two pictures of an example I mean. The first is the cartridge type I am familiar with. The second one almost looks like a Super Famicom or PAL type cartridge, but is still a USA game. Can anyone explain the difference? Thanks in advance.

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idk but if you look closely they have different screws, the top one has the screws ik from gameboy cartridges but the bottom almost looks like phillips head screws

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The Mario World cartridge that came bundled with the snes is different than the "newer" retail versions
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Right, but what about all the rest of the games out there that weren't bundled with the console? I have seen a lot of games like this that have both different types of carts.

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I gather it was just a small change in the manufacturing process over time. Looking through my collection, it seems that were made before ~1993 were of the older s-tyle with the slot (your second picture), while games made from late 1993 and beyond used the revised design (your first pic). Of course, any earlier game that sold really well and warranted reproducing more carts to sell throughout the SNES' life (like the above Super Mario World and TMNT Turtles in Time as examples) also got the newer s-tyle carts once Nintendo switched over to them. This leads to there being games with both cart designs out in the wild.

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Thank you I appreciate that :-) Just wanted to make sure there was no actual difference other than the style when I'm buying games in the future.

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theres 2 more versions

one has the picture of the top with the case of the bottom. another is a players choice

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ya i notice the same thing , i have 168 total snes games and all are american , but not all of them look alike , i even have 2 whos titles are the same but the text on the cartridge is some what different - for example super mario world , i have one that has the words all across but then i have another that says it like this

super mario

world on the top sticker ,

and the design of some cartridges are different , like i got a few with 2 notches/holes one on each side then another that has just a flat surface i dont know how to explain it but ya it should not be a problem as i have played all of my games and they all work so as long as it is the us version or your territory version --- which ever it is you looking for it should work , also try looking for the seal of quality , snes games always have that if their officail ones ,