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Hi i really want to play a game but i forgot its title! The game was about a granddad, i think, who tells a story to someone. When he was young his ship almost sank and he ended up on an island. When he searched the ship, he found a woman in some kind of a closet. The woman was alive but later on she turned out to be a vampire. You got to find a gun in the ship and the bullets, then, when you find the bullets, you try to shoot her but there is no effect (as i can remember). Then ,after a while, you see yourself and your granddad sitting in a chair with a revolver in his hand looking around the room. You go upstairs and you see the same woman laying on the bed. She looked kinda dead, but when you touched her she woke up and maybe killed you and your granddad, and thats the end. (You play as your granddad but in his memories). Oh and i forgot to tell, the went out i think around 2010 or mabe later or earlier, i dont remember. I played it on PC. Its a point-and-click kind of game. Im not sure but i think the Big Fish was the publisher but i doubt it. PLEASE HELP!!!

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“I'm not sure games provide any different parameters to other interactive, immersive activities. Would we ask 'How long should children play

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@GameSpot: thx for warning fam

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Got it, thanks for the heads up!

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That's Good

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Im curious, how to find out - if I comment on spam thread or not?