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#1 Posted by GameSpot (901140 posts) -

Greetings GameSpotters!

Seems like we've come under a bit of a spam attack this morning, but don't worry. We're working on fixing it.

It's very, VERY important that you DO NOT POST IN A THREAD THAT IS VERY CLEARLY SPAM.We're "nuking" these accounts, and should you post in one, your account will get caught in the crossfire (this is a bad thing).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. In the meantime, here's a frustrated otter:

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#3 Posted by SOedipus (11544 posts) -

I've notice an influx of new users lately, which is great. However, I've noticed with several users that they'll create a topic, which seems engage-worthy, but they'll have a link from Youtube or Wikipedia (mostly these two sites) in their post. They don't normally hyperlink it and it's placed in a way that seems like they intentionally hid it. Are we to assume that it's spam and/or advertisement?

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#4 Posted by digitaldame (5401 posts) -

@SOedipus: That's a great question. Posts that link to YouTube or Wikipedia shouldn't cause our spam filter software to trigger. So feel free to engage.

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#7 Edited by SoNin360 (7093 posts) -

That sounds like a horrible flaw to whatever is being done to find and ban these accounts. Unless the act of responding to one of those threads itself is a ban-able offense for some reason.

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#8 Posted by Sanjayrudrainno (3 posts) -

Thanks For This ! I am also following your all rules.

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#9 Posted by JustPlainLucas (79354 posts) -

What's a spam board? Is that a board you use to cut your spam?

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#10 Posted by Jacanuk (18711 posts) -

Nice advice Gamespot Staff.

But you may look at getting a few more mods on GD also, it seems the mods you had are either gone or on half-time :D

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#11 Posted by suicidesn0wman (7490 posts) -

Why does it take so long for you guys to clean this shit up? I can't remember the last time I looked at the GD forums and didn't see spam. Sometimes the spam is up for 48 hours or more, wtf are you guys doing?

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#12 Edited by blaze420yt (2 posts) -

@JustPlainLucas: thanks for the laugh. :)

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Hi) thanks for the topic!

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#15 Edited by SXSS (23 posts) -

@GameSpot: Im new to this forum but I do read gamespot from time to time, are we allowed to link games from steam? If so I need to know so I can delete a post I made a sec ago about a mmorpg adventure game.

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#17 Posted by tomana (9 posts) -

LOL gotta love that Otter. I'll bet they are very,very smart and quite the rascal if you had one for a pet

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#18 Posted by CraftBrood (50 posts) -

Spammers (Korean) are back.

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#20 Edited by VikiGreen (6 posts) -

Great theme, but how you decide what is spam?

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hello everyone

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#31 Posted by DrDisRespectVEVO (1 posts) -

Wow, what kind of spam is this tho? Are they like asking for your credentials bro?

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Need to make a post 3-comment threshold.

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