PS4 corrupting save files

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Scary stuff. Haven't run into the error myself (knock on wood) but if I didn't have a PS4 already, I'd hold off on a purchase until this got chased down.

Joystiq reader "Jim" wrote in to report the loss of 30 hours' worth of progress as a result of a glitch that the PS4 console identifies as "Error CE-34878-0." The bug isn't isolated to a specific game, as PlayStation community members report lost progress across several titles in the PlayStation 4's library, including NBA 2K14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. In rare cases, "CE-34878-0" prevents users from starting any PlayStation 4 application, rendering the console unusable.

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I'm just going to blame Battlefield 4 and EA. Seems like the right thing to do.

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Yup, its Battlefield's fault. :P

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Yeah we know. There have been several other posts on here as early a yesterday when someone got on twitter about it.

Sony knows, like always they will fix it.

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Was there some kind of major update? How did something like this take so long to come out....

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@CarnageHeart: I had the same error with BF4 multiple times and I lost around an hour or so of saves. My PS4 has crashed atleast 4 times or so. At first I thought it may be overheating but no red light. I was just hoping that it was an update that was needed and not a faulty console.

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Not got one yet. Still got to decide if it's going to be X-One or Ps4. Leaning on PS4.

I'm in no rush, still noting at all i'm interested in playing on it. Next big game i'm after is Lightning Returns which is Ps3.

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I got the error for the first time last night in mid game Marvel Lego. I didn't lose any saved data other than where I was at that particular level. I reported the error when prompted. I'm thinking it had to do something with a recent update. I'm sure they'll fix it soon enough.

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Oh is this the error that randomly stops your game, you go to a blue screen and get booted to the main menu. Happened to me like 3 times playing Battlefield.