Problems becoming a GT five driver

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So I decided to bail on Xbox. I had a PlayStation one and a PlayStation two and I love GT 1-4. So I went out and bought a PlayStation three and gran turismo five. I started the play station and put in the game desk. The first thing the game disc asked me to do was install the update. So I approved it. After the update was installed the game asked me if I wanted to install the entire disk to the hard drive. I figured I bought the console to play that video game so I approved the install of the entire game to the hard drive. After the game was installed I started the game. Initially it hung on the black load screen with the silver GT five emblem. The game would not start. So I restarted the console and the game still stuck on that same black screen with the silver emblem. So I figured I had a bad install. So I deleted the game data. I restarted the console. Then I started the game. This time the game wouldn't even get to the black load screen with the silver emblem. It offered to install the patch which I declined. And this time it hung on a black screen with nothing else on it. So I don't know what to do. I can't get the game to start. I decided to try and reinstall the patch and I'm going to try that and see if it works. Anybody have any ideas?
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Go into the XMB and disable the internet connection and see if that helps. The game communicates with the online network quite often and if the network or the connection is slow, it can hang there. If you disable the connection, it doesn't try to communicate in the first place.