Police games? (PC)

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Anyone know the about any really good police games? Ive been wanted to play one for a while but i cant find one. i want a real experience minus the paper work and what not ofc. I want to work my way though the rank. any suggestions?

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Not exactly what you're looking for but This is the Police it's a cool game.

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Keep an eye out for Ready or Not, coming next year.

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@Gaming-Planet: In swat 4 do you rise though ranks and all that stuff?

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Police quest on Dosbox.

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I think L.A. Noire counts as a police game. If you're into interrogations and crime investigations, that's a game for you.

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True Crime New York City. PS2

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Battle field 2 ps2.

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I thought Police Quest Collection was pretty good. Haven't played it in 20 years. If I remember correctly the 1st game is kinda dated, but in the Collection there is 1 or 2 good games. I had to find a guide on the internet to finish one of the games. You have to follow Police protocol and there are investigations.

Steam has Police Quest Collection and it is pretty inexpensive. Summer sale is coming up too, so maybe it will be even lower price.

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There are so many good cop games for PC and a lot of different play styles depending on what you're in to. Take a look at this article and see if any appeal to you. https://www.gamersdecide.com/pc-game-news/10-best-police-games-2015

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Shadow of Mordor does have ranking system but it is not a police game. It's a must play.

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@ycdeo: OP asks for recommendations for Police games, gets recommended Shadow of Mordor.

That's gamespot

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For more action. Sleeping Dogs (Year of the Snake has the protagonist in uniform).

For more humor. LEGO City Undercover.

For more realism. LA Noire.

I never played the PC versions of either though, but I know they are both on PC.

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Judge Dredd comes to mind.

You can even arrest people for being morbidly obese.

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Thanks for the thread. I might have actually found some games to play for myself :3

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911 Operator comes to mind that nobody has mentioned.
Essentially you are directing vehicles from the police department, Fire department and hospital to tackle various events that occur within a in game day, You can also tell the game to search up close to any city in the world that you want to direct them through.

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@ycdeo said:

True Crime New York City. PS2

Yeah, Imo Sleeping Dogs didn't manage to reach this game's cool open world. This was the best open world cop game where you can fight crime and do that in both good cop bad cop way.(For example you can collect drugs to either give them to police or sell them to pawn shops. You can even plant evidence for some poor people.)