Pokemon Dream Radar proves one thing...

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Pokemon Dream Radar proves one thing... that the Pokemon series needs to move on. Let me explain, Pokemon Dream Radar is a spin off 3DS game that allows you to catch items and Pokemon and then transfer them to Pokemon Black2/ White2. Now the first thing you notice in Dream Radar is that when you catch a Pokemon or receive an item the Pokemon or item is rendered in full 3D graphics, of course after you transfer them to the Nintendo DS games B&W2 they appear in the 2D 16-bit era sprite era graphics. Basically the series spin-off game is more advanced technologically than the main game! IMO this makes the main game look bad when it's actually really good and shows that the series needs to move on. Opinions? Feel free to disagree.
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Should have the option to chose between modern 3D graphics and classic ones.
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i would personally would like to finally see them develop a pokemon mmo or something where your actually walking around possibly in 3rd person going to the various zones capturing the Pokemon challenging people and exploring the world