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Hi all, I'm looking for a good RPG on the Playstation store. Ps, ps2 classic or otherwise. I recently finished FF7. I liked it. In fact, I hesitate between buying FF 9 or Legend of Dragoon. Thanks for your suggestions!
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I haven't played Legend of Dragoon, but FF9 is an excellent RPG in my opinion.

Other RPGs I would recommend from there are:

Xenogears (Has a great story and cast, but the combat and dungeon design can be frustrating)

Chrono Cross

Vagrant Story

Final Fantasy Tactics

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Thanks. Yeah, for me Chrono Cross keeps my intention. Vagrant Story looks too slow for me, killing 1 mobs selecting which part of the body... Looks somehow boring with the graphics too like Xenogears... But I don't know these game anyway so. But I really hesiitate between FF 9 and LoD. Who can help me to choose ?
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Since you liked FF7, then you might like FF9. The game goes back to it's roots in 9. If you really want a challenge then try getting the strongest weapon in FF9, the Excalibur II in less then 12 hrs.