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What's ur idea about psplus?isn't it bullshit coz a game is 60 and we pay 10 dollar for a month for ps plus!

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Are you asking my idea or are you telling me I should agree with you that it's BS?

Frankly, I think you're wrong. PS Plus gives you free games and discounted content every month. You could never buy a game for as long as you have Playstation 3/4/Vita and STILL get free games to play, many of which are really great titles! So, how is that BS?

And bro, it's not $10/month. It's about $5. That's about the price of a foot long at Subway. So, which would you rather have - a great online service that gives you free stuff OR a hoagie with low quality deli meat and stale bread? The former is much more satisfying to me!

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Can you do simple math?

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For a lot of people, its an exceptional service. On PS3, it was especially nice because it was basically a subscription service for free games every month. On PS4, its diminished a bit because its necessary for online play and it has a fairly limited selection of titles available, but its still quite nice if you're not a picky gamer and plan on sticking with the PS4 as a primary platform for some time to come.

But it has drawbacks and its not for everybody. You don't own the games you get. Its like Netflix in a way in that the games are tied to the service and once you stop paying for the subscription, its all gone. And there's no choice. You get what you get and no arguments. If you dont like what's offered during a month, then tough. That's why I don't have it. I have a PS3, which I bought used and very recently for cheap and only want to play a small handful of exclusives(which I can also find cheap and I'm a PC gamer so multiplatforms are of no interest since they're better on PC), so I'd rather buy physical games, play them when I want to with no pressure and then also have them increase my resell value of the package when I sell(which I will).

But for many others, its fantastic value. If I was a console gamer who had a PS4 as my primary gaming machine, I would definitely be a subscriber. You can also get a year's subscription for $50(sometimes a bit less if you wait for deals), so its hardly $10/month for everyone. Many people are in the $4/month or so range.

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Ps plus is really worth it, especially if you own more then one sony console. Since I have a ps3/vita/ps4 it is a no brainer for me. Tons of value and in the long run it saves me money because there has been plenty of games I wanted to buy that became free from ps plus.

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PS+ is great if you're an avid gamer. I easy get my money's worth. In fact, I haven't had to buy many Vita games since many have been a part of PS+ at one point or another. Plus I've received heavy discounts, like $9 for Killzone Mercenary. Right now I have about 10 PS+ waiting to be played, and I've played through several with my time as a PS+ member.

Also, it's $50 a year, though most games you can get while you're a member aren't going to cost you $60 otherwise. Still, if you find at least 3 or 4 full games to play a year while a member, you're getting your money's worth.

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I absolutely love PS+. I get a free game every month for my PS3, PS4 and Vita and the games they give away are good and fairly recent titles. I think for the price it's an awesome service and it definitely adds to my experience of owning Sony devices. Especially now that you need it to play online with PS4, the free stuff makes you feel like you're getting your moneys worth and that they're giving something back to you for spending that money. It's a shame Microsoft aren't offering the same quality incentives, or I'd be more inclined to renew my Xbox Live subscription every year.

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I think it's a wonderful option. When I complete my collection of games on my PS3, I fully intend to sign up for PS+ and have access to the instant library. 60$ for all those games instead of 1, you'd be a fool not to see the beauty in the service.

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I can see the bullshit if a person owns a PS4 and doesn't own a PS3 or Vita but do such people even exist? If so, what are they thinking? But yeah, anyway. It always seems to give me games that look good and I don't already own so as long as that keeps up, they get my dough.