Playing through Rayman Forever for the first time's tough

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Band Land - Bongo Hills in particular was very tricky to get past.(Going to have to backtrack to get the rest of the cages too...) I'm basically at the 2nd boss stage now.

If it gets any harder I may have to drop the game. I like it a lot, but it's the type of game where you have to practice the levels and memorise patterns. One slip up can cost you a lot. Plus, grinding for lives can be tedious if your not going to use the life cheat.

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I still have that game for PC. I like the game but man, it was just really hard! I'm talking battletoads hard!!! At some point, I just move on and it's been 3 years since I last played it on GoG. I might return playing it only because you remind me of this game now lol.

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The only one I ever played briefly was Origins. Quite a few have given them high praise as some of the best and challenging platformers in gaming. I think its just a series forgotten on me_

Currently also playing tough platformers though with the recent CastleVania collection. Beat both the Famicom original Kid Dracula (plays like Rocket/Megaman) and Vampire Killer which I've only done with the pike character 'Eric'. Very tight controls for both, not as fluid as fan favorite SuperIV, but they're still fair and having six ways to display these retro games is quite appealing. Something Requiem didn't offer.

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@davillain-: I’ve purchased it on GoG too. :)