Pier Solar HD delayed till April

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The classic style JRPG that started out as a Genesis game project that is now coming to everything is coming in April. I had no idea it was supposed to come out sooner, so I'm just glad to finally have a confirmed window of arrival. Link.

Sega Genesis homebrew-turned-modern console release Pier Solar HD has been pushed back to an April launch on all platforms, developer WaterMelon confirmed this week.

WaterMelon's retro-styled RPG was originally set to launch digitally in March for the PlayStation 3, PS4, Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, Ouya and Dreamcast platforms. The project earned over $230,000 in backer pledges when it turned to Kickstarter for funding in 2012.

Ports for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One are also in the works, pending WaterMelon's acceptance into Microsoft's ID@Xbox self-publishing program. WaterMelon studio president Tulio Goncalves additionally hinted at the possibility of a 3DS port in a recent interview withNintendo Enthusiast, explaining that the Wii U version's second-screen functionality would transfer easily to Nintendo's portable platform.

We need more of these, imo.

No word yet on the Jaguar and Virtual Boy version.

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actually didn't expect it to ship that soon. I'll still be waiting on my 360 version