PC: My favorite games, what're yours?

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Hey guys,

These are some of the games I've taken a liking to over the years.

Farcry3 - I was very pleasantly surprised about this. The AI will always act stupid in stealthy games, but they've minimized that in Farcry3 a lot. The open world is pleasant to play around in for quite a while and when you've had enough of that you have the main quest. The talents you gain as you level up literally makes you several times stronger than you are in the beginning in everything except weapon damage.

Sleeping Dogs - The combos you can pull off here if you memorize them are amazing. Somewhat faster paced than other games like it, unfortunately the melee combat suffers from movie fight syndrome, only one person attacks at a time. Almost everything is over the top and I enjoyed the vehicles in the game as well. GTA 5 even took a few pointers from Sleeping Dogs.

Skyrim - Yes, I know, this is more than 2 years 2 months and 5 days old now, but with the mods you can apply to it, it can rival the graphics of most titles of today, and the gameplay is being expanded on all the time by modders as well. I revisited Skyrim a few months ago and it is amazing how much improvement there has been. Anyone who hasn't tried Skyrim at all should of course do so.

Driver - I've included Driver here because of how different it is from other racing games. It is highly story driven. The controls are great and some of the situations you're in will make you laugh.

GRID - If you're into the racing genre I recommend GRID over GRID 2. The successor is messy and doesn't let you feel in control of what you want to race as much. The controls are actually better as well since the successor cater to consoles too much.

DARK - This stealth(vampirism) game is awesome. It has quirks that might put some gamers off, but the stealth aspect of it really appeals to me. Watching gameplay doesn't do it justice, it is way more cool to play it yourself, always wondering how your enemies move next and if you're going to be found out.

Rome 2: Total War - I had my expectations very high when this was released and because of that it was a minor letdown to me. Still, it is one of the greatest turn based/management/rts hybrid I've ever played. About on par with Shogun 2 of the same series. To experience what makes the battles in the Total War series so epic you will want a computer with decent specs. The amount of units HAS to be maxed in settings.

Darksiders - This is becoming an older game little by little. If you are into hack and slash like Devil May Cry, this is a must for you. The story is there, but nothing to cheer over. The gameplay however and the urge to explore every crevice of the world to get the powerups that boost your character however is what makes this game great.

Planetside 2 - This was one of the unexpectedly positive experiences for me last year. How the game fares at the moment I don't know, but the game is free and works on micro-transactions. The positive thing is that the micro-transactions primarily focus on customization rather than bonuses. You can gain the exact same advantages by playing the game. The grand scale battles, many outfits(clans, guilds) you can join, vast amount of unlockables, air and land combat and sieges makes this game worth a spin. You will need a decent computer to run this acceptably.

Stalker: Call of Pripyat - In a postapocalyptic world you set out to find out what is going on. You are but one soldier in an unforgiving world. You will sometimes be faced with impossible challenges where you are forced to turn back. Inventory management and the way you decide to play your game matters. There won't be constant action, but the thought of sudden unexpected occurances will always be in the back of your head. This game has a massive focus on the story and the way you decide to handle yourself. It will not always go as you expected. The controls will feel quirky at the beginning, if you are not comfortable without a superhuman protagonist that hits anything he aims for, don't play this. The graphics are outdated, but it deserves a mention as this is truly a great game.

Mount and Blade: Warband - If you like medieval warfare and management of armies and troops this game will keep you occupied for many hours. You start out as an outcast that strives towards greatness. There is no story, only factions, nobility, war, battlefields and a strategic map of the country. You decide what place in life you want to strive towards. It could be a henchman, nobleman, bandit or king. The game has an active modding community. It is very cheap.

Baldur's Gate 2 - The single greatest RPG game of all time. This is here because, well, I always play this more or less. This game is thorough from one end to the other. The story is magnificent, the vast array of spells and abilities lets you play your game the way you prefer. These abilities are not restricted to combat. In later levels you can pretty much feel invulnerable, but later in BG2 is weeks and weeks of game time. The most immersive game experience ever made. If you require eye candy, this is not for you. The game is from around 2000. I recommend buying the original and then mod it afterwards. The enhanced edition is a mess.

Dishonored - The multiple ways to approach this stealth game with a wide array of abilities is what makes it great. The story isn't bad either. You're accused of treason and are to be executed. You are freed and can decide to either take gruesome vengeance on anyone in your path, or try to resolve the conflict as peaceful as possible. You are literally not forced to kill a single person in the entire game. The expansions are of questionable quality.

GTA: San Andreas - If you like the GTA franchise make sure you haven't missed this gem. The story is massive, engaging and the environment you play in, massive as well. The controls are what you would expect of a GTA game. You may even be waiting for GTA: V, this is a great way to kill time

Dead Space series - Grizzly FPS sci-fi horror games who do their best to scare you. They have nice graphics and a decent story that especially anti-religious people will approve of. They should be played in the evening in a dark room and with a headset with the volume up, to experience the full effect of the thrills it sports.

I have many more games I could share here, but for now these are what comes to mind.

What games do you find great? Please don't spoil the story, but explain a bit about the game so others can see if it is of interest to them.

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my most recent favourite was Tomb Raider, i played through it twice. Also Civ 5 Brave New World. Everything else I played lately has been pretty forgettable or stuff I rushed through or just gave up on.

I agree with ur San Andreas mention, its a great game... i've played through it a bunch of times. And Skyrim for sure with all the mods... really you could spend weeks/months trying out and playing with all the mods out there, or making your own. Actually I probably had more fun trying out mods then playing the game at times.

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I'm amazed that almost noone is interested in sharing. It helps everyone as you might get ideas for new games to play.

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A lot the best PC games are console games which I'd rather just play on the console.

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About all I play on my PC is Skyrim. Always downloading new mod's and doing another playthrough.

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I've spent more than enough time playing Metal Gear Rising which is, well, a game that makes me feel so powerful. And that, good sir, is why games were invented - to make you feel like you did something well and hey, who doesn't feel good for cutting a giant robot in half? Right in the middle?

Another game I've loved recently is Saint's Row 4 co-op with my friend. That game is just crazy, just silly and over the top and Iove it the more I play it.

Then again, I agree on Dishonored part, that game was so much fun, in both stealth AND fighting sides, DLC included.

And I've played Final Fantasy 7 again. I need my daily RPG and it makes me feel all silly and back in my childhood.

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my laptop is kinda ass, so it limits what new PC games i can play. still, i was able to run gone home and the banner saga, both of which were great.

i wrote a review for gone home that you can find in my profile if you're interested in what i have to say about it.

i'll probably write a review for the banner saga pretty soon though. it's basically a game about failure. there are lots of other games that are on the harder side, but the banner saga does a good job of making you deal with your failures. you don't just get a game over and try again right away. the consequences of your failures are more long term and the save system is intentionally murky.

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I'm bumping this as I'd rather do that than make a new thread just like it.

Let me know what your favourite games are.

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Thomas Was Alone and The Swapper.

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@NeverMore0: Neat platformers. Might try those out some time. I especially like the look of Thomas Was Alone.

@halipokes: I'm gonna try out Metal Gear Rising soon :)

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Skyrim, Civ 4, Civ 5, Endless Space, Alan Wake, Bastion, Witcher 2, Rogue Legacy, Outlast, Torchlight 2

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@dethtrain said:

Skyrim, Civ 4, Civ 5, Endless Space, Alan Wake, Bastion, Witcher 2, Rogue Legacy, Outlast, Torchlight 2

nice list

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Alan Wake and Endless Space looks like fun :) I've already played the **** out of all the Civ games, Torchlight 2 and Skyrim. The Witcher was great and The Witcher 2 is already on my "to game list".

Anyone else? :) All your favorite entries are welcome. Even if it's Street Fighter 2, Wacky Wheels or other games before the mid 90's

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I have been playing a lot of Torchlight, recently. The game has great music and art direction. If you like games like the Diablo series, then its worth checking out.

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@stizzal13: I might check out the new Diablo 3 expansion that is coming out now. I've already played all of the others Diablo games. Oh, and as I said earlier I've already played a lot of Torchlight 2 :)

Anyone else who has some favorites to share?

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Gigantic Army just released and it's pretty awesome.. run 'n gun a la contra, metal slug, gunlord, etc..

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SpyParty has been in beta for over 2 years and luckily I've been a part of it ever since the close beta started. it's one of the most intense alternative stealth titles I've ever played. very nerve racking/stressful. I've also talked about it on here frequently and it has gained 0 recognition lol.

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a few upcoming titles I'm super pumped for: Cuphead, Broforce, Armikrog., Broken Age Part 2, and Ithaka of the Clouds.

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My most recent favorite games are Metro: Last Light, Tomb Raider and EXCOM: Enemy Within.

Metro for that post-apocalyptic feeling of hopelessness that you get once you get into the game.

You can add The Last of US to that category as well.

Tomb Raider, because other than Uncharted, there aren't many games worth mentioning in this genre.

And finally XCOM, because I can play the whole game with just a mouse like Civ 5 and I can also play it on a windows tablet where ever I am, with the exception of the ESC key, which isn't available on touch. Still, beats playing Angry Birds if you ask me.

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@spaceninja818: If you liked Tomb Raider you should try FarCry3.

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Baldur's Gate 2

Planescape Torment

Fallout 2

Arcanum of Steamworks...

VTM: Bloodlines


Deus Ex

The Witcher


Bioshock Series

Age of Empires 2

Rome Total War

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I've recently finished To The Moon, The Witcher 2, Hotline Miami and Costume Quest, those are all good games in different ways. I'm currently playing a lot of Touhou Project Double Dealing Character and the rest of the time I divide between Faster Than Light and Civilization V.

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It's been pretty slow lately, thanks to the console transition

R&C Into the Nexus, beautiful game, typical R&C goodness

Path of Exile. Pretty much everything I wanted Diablo 3 to be and it's free (though I did toss 100 into the cash shop because I got so much fun from playing it, I wanted to give them something back).

Shadowrun Returns. I don't usually like turn based things, but I used to read shadowrun back in the days of Never Deal With a Dragon and I've always liked the setting. Really enjoyed the game and watching the community rebuild the 16-bit Shadowrun game through the game's modding toolset.

And of course, still modding and playing Skyrim.

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@donmuath: I like your style :) practically all the titles you mentioned has been games I played a lot. With the exception of Deus Ex, Planescape, Arcanum, Bloodlines. I've played a little bit of Fallout 2, but I was playing a lot of multiplayer games at the same time, so I never got really into it. I've also contemplated playing Deus Ex, but I heard about that at a bad time, me and my mates were playing several games together.

We played Age of Empires 2 - The Conquerors at my high school(I lived there, college-like), sometimes 2v2v2 or 1v1v1v1v1. It was awesome. I'd go Spanish and watch their pikemen try to catch my conquistadors while I used hit and run tactics. Or Huns and overrun 1 or 2 before they could do anything.

To not stray too far from the subject:

Dark Souls

Team Fortress 2(free online cartoony FPS)

Portal & Portal 2

Dragon Age: Origins


Mirror's edge

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I'm more of an Indie person when it comes to PC games-

  • To The Moon
  • Thomas Was Alone
  • Hotline Miami
  • Plants VS Zombies
  • Savant-Ascent
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Surprised to see DARK in your list, I have heard nothing but hate for that game.

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@benleslie5: I've played Plants VS Zombies a lot. I can recommend Plants VS Zombies 2 with 'Bluestacks' on PC. It's an Android application emulator. If you decide to give it a go, beware of the level where you have to test the powerups. You may have to modify the resolution of the game with a 3rd party app to make the pinching powerup work.

@Black_Knight_00: It's fun :) The controls are quirky, but the stealth aspect is awesome in my opinion. When you are doing missions it's great, everything else is not that great. Anyway, don't take my word for it.. I may just have enjoyed it because it was a long time since I'd played a stealth game last. Dishonored is better in every aspect.

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Max Payne 3

Tomb Raider The Definitive Edition - Xbox One

Battlefield 4

Dead Rising 3

Ryse Son of Rome

Fifa 14

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Going back from current to oldest that I still play:

Far Cry 3 (2012) - the scourge of 2013 games. I've been so engrossed with replaying Far Cry 3's Reset Outpost mode that I haven't seen the need to buy any new game in 2013. I did buy Crysis 3. But, that was more of a curiosity. I wanted to see how Crysis 3 ran on my PC. But, Far Cry 3 is my daily fix.

- Oh. I also bought the Mass Effect Trilogy disc set last year. But, it too is languishing under Far Cry 3's shadow.

Flight Simulator X (2006) - I'm a weather man by trade. The weather and cloud customization in FSX is superb. It and Far Cry 3 share the honors for the games I play daily.

ARMA 2/OA (2009) - I love the in-game editor, pure and simple. It's good for play at least once a week. It's also the only "modern warfare" I can tolerate lately.

The Total War Games (since 2003) - Rome, Medieval 2, Empire, and Napoleon - they're good for a custom scenario every month or so.

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover (2009?) - My fix for a quick WW2 aerial dogfight.

Dungeon Keeper 2 (1999) - I play mostly the Pet Dungeon mode. I replay it every month or so.

Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far (1997) - My favorite WW2 strategy game. I play a custom scenario every few weeks.

Steel Panthers (1994) - my favorite turn-based (WW2) strategy game. I play a single battle every few weeks.

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My top 10 favourite PC games (excluding console ports) would probably be:

Alone in the Dark 2

Command & Conquer: Red Alert

The Curse of Monkey Island


Need for Speed: Underground

Unreal Tournament 2004

Far Cry 3

World of Warcraft

TERA Online

The Witcher 2

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@sukraj said:


Max Payne 3

Tomb Raider The Definitive Edition - Xbox One

Battlefield 4

Dead Rising 3

Ryse Son of Rome

Fifa 14

These games are not for PC. Thank you for your contribution though.

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@AtotehZ said:

These games are not for PC. Thank you for your contribution though.

Some of those ARE for the PC though =)

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@Korvus85: Yes, but it's very obvious that they were sent with an Xbox One in mind. All of those titles are available on Xbox One and some of them exclusively Xbox One or other consoles.

More games:

Killing Floor - A co-op FPS where teamwork is paramount. 6 classes with 6 levels each, round based waves, an abundance of weapons that can be purchased between rounds. Not graphically pretty, Unreal 2.5 Engine. There are many people modding this. I can personally recommend it.

Trackmania - Stunt racing game with the most crazy tracks you could imagine. The most online racing fun I've had(GRID is also awesome online, but dead now). There are free versions of this and it doesn't make it less awesome. Trackmania 2 has been out for a long time as well, the gameplay I've seen from that isn't bad either.

Download Trackmania Nations Forever here for free!

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@AtotehZ: True ^_^

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@AtotehZ said:

@sukraj said:


Max Payne 3

Tomb Raider The Definitive Edition - Xbox One

Battlefield 4

Dead Rising 3

Ryse Son of Rome

Fifa 14

These games are not for PC. Thank you for your contribution though.

my bad

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - A neat RPG with Devil May Cry slashing combat, mixed with some Elder Scrolls and WoW/Diablo like interface abd talent sheet. It has 3 classes, rogue, fighter or mage. Be careful with exploring the last areas before you are level 50, the areas lock to the level you were when you first explored it. This may have been patched since I played it.

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Half-Life 2

Mass Effect 2

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

James Bond 007: NightFire

Alan Wake


Company of Heroes

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

Total War: Shogun 2

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  1. Half Life 2
  2. Mass Effect 2
  3. The Witcher 2 : Assassins of Kings
  4. Starcraft 2 : Wings of Liberty
  5. Max Payne 2 : The Fall of Max Payne
  6. James Bond 007 : NightFire
  7. Alan Wake
  8. Freelancer
  9. Company of Heroes
  10. Splinter Cell : Double Agent
  11. Total War : Shogun 2
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Half Life 2
MicroLeague Baseball
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
APBA Baseball for Windows

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Civilization Series

and some other games