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Welcome to the 1-99 Melee Guide. This guide is giving you the information you’ll need to train your Attack, Strength, and Defence levels from 1 to 99 in Old School RuneScape.

In this guide, YouTuber TheEdB0ys is talking about what weapons and armor you should use, how Melee training works, what quests you should do, and which methods you should use for training quickly. In the last part of this guide, there are also some methods to make money with Combat.


Level 1 Attack: Bronze Scimitar

Level 1 Attack: Iron Scimitar

Level 5 Attack: Steel Scimitar

Level 20 Attack: Mithril Scimitar

Level 30 Attack: Adamant Scimitar

Level 40 Attack: Rune Scimitar

Level 60 + Attack: Dragon Scimitar (Monkey Madness)

Level 70 Attack: Abyssal Whip

Level 75 Attack: Abyssal Tentacle (Degradable)

Which weapon to use is an easy choice for early levels. You just use the highest scimitar as you can. It’s pretty straight forward until you get to the Dragon variants. You need to complete the Monkey Madness to wield the Dragon scimitar, not just have 60 Attack. All dragon weapons require level 60 Attack, alongside the completion of specific quests to wield.

At 70 Attack, you can use the Abasal Whip for Attack and Defence training. You can get Strength XP with the shared option on the whip, which gives even XP between Attack, Strength, and Defence. It’s not a bad way to train your stats, but there are other ways to catch up on your Strength XP.

At 75 Attack, you can use the Abyssal Tentacle which is created by combining a Kraken tentacle with an Abyssal Whip. It’s much stronger than the whip, but it will degrade back into a tentacle after 10,000 charges, making it a little more expensive to use. But, it’s still faster XP overall.

Strength Training Weapons

Level 70 Attack: Saradomin Sword

Level 70 Attack: Abyssal Dagger

Level 70 Attack + 70 Strength: Abyssal Bludgeon

For some Strength training weapons, I’m going to start with the Saradomin Sword. This is a two-handed whip, but it has a Strength training option. It’s very cheap and doesn’t degrade.

Abyssal Dagger is a one-handed weapon. It’s a little bit more powerful than the Saradomin Sword as long as it’s combined with a good offensive shield. This is not a bad option for Strength training while being generally affordable.

Abyssal Bludgeon is a two-handed weapon that Attacks pretty quickly and hits very hard. Even though it’s fairly expensive, it’s one of the best options for your general Strength training.

Special Attack Weapons

Level 60 Attack: Dragon Dagger

Level 50 Attack + 50 Strength: Granite Maul

Level 70 Attack + 35 Strength + 50 Agility: Crystal Halberd (requires completion of the hard Western Provinces Diary)

Level 60 Attack: Dragon Claws

Special Attack weapons do increase the amount of damage you can do, which is how you can get more XP for Combat training. There are a lot of different weapons with special Attack, but some of them are focused on hitting harder or even hitting multiple times. Some of these are pretty expensive, but I suggest getting a Dragon Dagger once you hit level 60 Attack which also requires the completion of the Lost City quest.

The dagger’s special Attack hits twice in succession and only requires 25% of your special Attack bar. It’s suggested to bring these weapons with you while train along with your main weapon and only switch them to use the special Attack then switch back. You don’t have to use special Attack weapons to train, but they will add a little bit of XP per hour while you are at it.


There are many different pieces of armor you can wear, and many of them are only for defensive purposes.

Level 1 Defence: Iron armor

Level 5 Defence: Steel armor

Level 10 Defence: Black armour

Level 20 Defence: Mithril armour

Level 30 Defence: Adamant armour

Level 40 Defence: Rune armor

Level 60 Defence: Dragon armor

Level 70 Defence: Barrows armor

Level 75 Defence: Justiciar armour

It is pretty easy to decide on your main parts of armor until level 40 Defence which is a requirement to wear Rune armor. At level 60 Defence, you can start adding Dragon pieces to your Armor.

At level 70, you’ll unlock different Barrows armor sets that you can wear. All of these armor pieces alone are just defensive bonuses, but if you wear a full Barrows set, some of them have nice bonuses too.

Some armor pieces do give offensive bonuses, especially in slots like gloves, boots, rings, and necklaces.

Hand Slot

Ferocious Gloves

Barrows Gloves

Dragon Gloves

Rune Gloves

Combat Bracelet

Many of the better gloves in the game are rewards from quests. You can buy gloves from Bronze to Barrows by completing parts of Recipe for Disaster subquests.

Barrows gloves are the second-best Melee gloves in the game at the moment, followed by Ferocious gloves which require level 80 Defence and Attack to wear, and you have to do the Dragon Slayer II to make them out of Hydra leather.

The simplest gloves to get would be a Combat bracelet. This bracelet is like a pair of Mithril gloves, but it has no requirement other than a little bit of OSRS gp to buy them. I do suggest you to get the quests done so that you can get up to at least Barrows gloves.

Feet Slot

Primordial Boots

Dragon Boots

Rune Boots

Adamant Boots

From Bronze boots to Dragon boots, only for the Adamant and the higher do you get an offensive bonus from these boots. Even lower-tier boots are worth having to take a little less damage when you train, but it’s the Adamant boots that are enough to make a difference in XP rates.

The Primordial Boots are a step up from Dragon boots, even though they are pretty pricey, they are the best boots in the game and will give you a nice bonus if you have enough RuneScape money to buy them.

Ring Slot

There are three rings in the game that can help offensively for Melee at the moment.

Berserker Ring (I)

Brimstone Ring

Warrior Ring (I)

The Warrior ring is an Attack bonus for slash, which is nice for scimitars and whips, but the Berserker Ring gives a Strength bonus that is nice for any kind of Melee weapon. Also, a Strength bonus tends to be more helpful for fast kills than accuracy does, so the Berserker ring is the way to go. Both of these rings can be imbued from the Nightmare zone to double their stats.

There is also a Brimstone Ring that acts as every DKs ring and Wilderness ring outside the Ring of gods. But the Brimstone ring can’t be imbued, so an imbued Berserker Ring is a better option for better XP overall.

Neck Slot

Amulet of Torture

Amulet of Fury

Amulet of Glory

Offensive necklaces can play an important role in your Melee training. The Amulet of Torture is the best in slot Melee amulet. The Amulet of Fury is a great option too, and even the Amulet of Glory is going to help you a lot, and it is pretty cheap.

Shield Slot

Avernic Defender

Dragon Defender

Obsidian Shield

Most of the early game shields don’t have an offensive boost. So, wearing a Kiteshield up to Rune is not a problem, and you are not to focus too hard on it. But once you hit level 60 Defence, you can buy an Obsidian Shield aka the Toktz-ket-xil which have a nice Strength bonus on it.

The best offensive shields are defenders. If you have a combined Attack and Strength level of 130 (for example, level 65 in both), then you can enter the Warrior’s Guild. Killing the cyclopes in the Warrior’s guild can get you up to a Dragon defender which is a very good offensive shield, and if you have a lot of coins, you can buy the Avernic Defender hilt to attach to a Dragon Defender and make yourself an Avernic Defender. This is very expensive, but it is a very powerful offensive shield and will increase your XP rates.

Cape Slot

Infernal Cape

Fire Cape

Not a lot of capes in the game offer a solid offensive bonus. The Fire Cape is the most common option, but it does require you to beat Jad in the Fight Caves. If you have got an Infernal Cape by completing the Inferno, then you could use that instead.

Set Bonus

Dharok's armor set

· Higher Strength

· Bonus for more

· Missing hitpoints

Wearing the full set of this armor gives you extra Strength depending on how many health points you’re missing. This combined with the Dwarven Rock Cake (a reward from the Recipe for Disaster subquest) allows you to damage yourself down to 1 health. It gives you the chance to hit very high, but also reduces your health to 1. So, it’s only useful in certain situations.

Obsidian Armor

· Helm, Body, and Legs

· Berserker Necklace Stacks

· Toktz-xil-ak(Sword)

Obsidian armor gives some boost to Obsidian weapons if you’re wearing the full set. Full set for the boost only includes the platebody, the platelegs, and the helmet.

I usually use the Obsidian sword (aka Toktz-xil-ak) for my Obsidian weapon choice, and we also have the Mace and Maul to work with.

The Berserker necklace has a similar type of boost for using Obsidian weapons, but the boost stacks with Obsidian armor, so it’s suggested to also use that necklace with your Obsidian armor.

Void Gear

· 10% Boosted

· Accuracy & Damage

· Pest Control Reward

While wearing the full set with Melee helm, you'll get a boost of 10% damage and accuracy for Melee. They are fairly low requirements, but it does take some time to get the gear from Pest Control.

Void has 0 Defence which makes it not useful in every situation compared to best in slot gear, but it is solid gear to train with if you’re willing to grind out your Pest control, especially if you don’t have a lot of coins to spend on other gear.


Before you start to train your Melee stats, there are a few quests you can do to get a head start on XP.

Waterfall Quest (13,750 Attack & Strength XP)

Tree Gnome Village (11,450 Attack XP)

The Fight Arena (12,175 Attack XP)

The Holy Grail (15,300 Defence XP)

The biggest one to do is the Waterfall quest. This is a very easy quest, and completing this quest will take you from 1 to 30 in both of your Attack and Strength skills.

A lot of other quests for quick XP tend to have small requirements like a 25 Agility or 20 Attack, so, you can do the Holy Grail for some Defence XP, but they are all pretty low requirements.

I suggest you to complete at least Waterfall quests and then do any of the others to save you a little bit of grind time.

How Melee Training Works

XP is based on how much damage you do. When you hit 1, you should be getting 4 Attack XP and 1 HP XP, or 4 Strength/Defence XP depending on what your Attack style is. To change your Attack style, you should click the on the Combat options tap as you're taught in the tutorial island.

Hovering over the Attack style is going to show you what kind of XP you’ll get. I usually train Strength first, then Attack, then Defence. At lower levels, it is a good idea to do your Attack first to unlock some higher tier weapons until you are level 70 in Attack and Strength.

More importantly, you’ll want to let Defence be your last one since it doesn’t add any damage per hour, so it doesn’t help in the XP part. I usually try to keep these levels all within 10 of each other.

1-99 Melee Leveling Guide

Levels 1-10: Chickens

· Location: Lumbridge

If you don’t want to do quests, you can kill chickens in the Lumbridge farm. Chickens have very low Defence, and they can’t hit you very well, so they are good for early level training. At level 1, you can use an Iron Scimitar, but at level 5, you can switch to a steel weapon, so the Steel Scimitar will be a fine upgrade.

Levels 10-20: Cows

· Location: Lumbridge

You are going to kill the Cows at the farm right next to you. Cows have slightly better Defensive bonuses and more Health. You can also bank the cowhide for some low-level profit, but it is much faster for you to just ignore the drop and gain some XP.

At level 10, you'll unlock black weaponry, so you can upgrade a little bit.

Levels 20-40: Sand Crabs

· Location: Southern Zeah

· Hosidius House

· 10K-25K XP/H

A lot of players fight Rock crabs around these levels too, but I find Sand Crabs work out a little better overall even though they are both fine options.

These crabs are located on the southern beach of the Hosidius House in Zeah. They have a lot of Health with low Defence, which makes them perfect for training. It’s a popular spot, so you might find that the world is a little crowded. You should start this section with a Mithril Scimitar, and at level 30 Attack, you can use your Adamant Scimitar. Once you hit level 40, you can start using Rune weapons.

Levels 40-70: Ammonite Crabs

· Location: Fossil Island

· 30K-70K XP/H

Ammonite Crabs are located in Fossil Island, which means you have to do the Bone Voyage quest to fight them. Ammonite crabs have a lot higher Health than the Sand Crabs, with a similar Defence level. Once you hit level 60 Attack, you should get the Dragon Scimitar which does require Monkey Madness I quest, but it is going to increase your XP rates a lot.

Also, by this time, you should fill in other armor slots with offensive weapons if you haven’t already. Amulet of Glory, Combat Bracelet, and the Obsidian Shield at 60 Defence are all pretty cheap options and will increase your speed. If you’ve got more OSRS coins, you’ll always want higher tier things.

Also, during these levels, you’ll get to a point where you can enter the Warriors' Guild. I suggest going for that grind for the Dragon Defender as soon as you can.

In this section, when you get to the 60s, make sure you wear the Obsidian armor before you go to the 70s. Obsidian armor has nice bonuses and will get you some of the best XP rates here.

I also suggest you to start using Super Attack and Strength potions to help you speed up the process a little. They are pretty cheap and can help you a lot with the XP rates.

Levels 70-99: Nightmare Zone

· Location: North of Yanille

· 70K-100K+ XP/H

Nightmare Zone is a minigame that you can refight bosses that you have killed in the past.

It is recommended to wear the full Dharok’s set and other gear you can fill in with the best stuff you’ve got to work with. You can use the Overloads and Absorption potions inside the Nightmare Zone, which means if you use Rock cake to lower your health to 1 and sip an Overload, you’ll be hitting insane damage, and those Absorption potions will make sure you don’t get knocked out for having just 1 Health.

At 70 Melee stats, your Dharok is going to be fairly inaccurate, but, eventually, you will be getting over 100K XP/H. This is also one of the most AFK training methods.

The 5 monsters that are used for XP are the Sand Snake, King Roald, Moss giant, Ice Troll King, and the Khazard warlord.

There are a lot of other methods that are good for Melee XP like Bandis, Experiments, and even Giant Spiders in the Stronghold of Security.

Combat Money Making

Let’s talk about making money while you’re training Melee.

Slayer is a good way to make money with Combat since you’ll get Combat XP and train Slayer at the same time. But it will be a good idea to train your Melee before going to Slayer since you’ll have much faster Slayer tasks if you are 100 Combat rather than 50 Combat when you do it. Having higher Combat can shorten those crappy tasks that you don’t like to do and make your lower level Slayer go faster, but it is efficient to do Slayer as soon as possible.

As you get higher Slayer level, you’ll unlock some solid money makers like Cave Horrors, Wyverns, Gargoyles, or even Slayer bosses like Cerberus and Krakens which are also profitable.

Not many Combat money makers have to be Slayer related. Chaos druids are good low-level money maker for Melee, and Blue Dragons have some mid-level requirements, but you’ll make some solid cash in the long run too.

It’s nice to make a lot of money from level 99, but it is also a good reason to speed through your Combat levels until you have a high enough level to make a lot of money instead of just some money over the long run.

Generally, Bossing doesn’t lead to the best XP per hour and you’ll want to be the highest level you can for going for fast kills, but stopping in the 90s with Combat training and then camping a boss is not a bad idea for money, and the XP does add up.

For example, the Giant mole and the Bandit are all good ways to make a solid profit while getting a lot of XP. Even fighting Vet'ion with the Viggora's chainmace gives pretty good Melee XP and makes you a lot of money per hour, but you are getting PKed constantly.

There are a lot of different Combat options that can make you some very solid cash. Generally, you are looking to have higher Combat no matter which option that is. If you can do more damage and get more kills, then you’ll make more RuneScape money. So, I suggest going for faster XP up until higher Combat and then try out some Bossing or some money makers.

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