OnE AnD OnLy "J I N"

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#1 Posted by thermalvision (146 posts) -

let me know many of u like jin kazama.........he is my fav games character .........u cn tell about ur fav also.....

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#2 Posted by nini200 (11484 posts) -
Akira Yuki would wipe the floor with Jin. Anyway, Michelle Chang is my fav Tekken Character :D
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#3 Posted by Dudersaper (32951 posts) -
To be quite honest he's one of my least favourite characters in Tekken, I don't really like his fighting style.
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#4 Posted by NiKva (8181 posts) -
Jin is too slow of a character. I would rather use Kazuya or Lee Chaolan.
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#5 Posted by Frieza99 (228 posts) -
Mokujin is my favourite character .
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#6 Posted by D3dr0_0 (3529 posts) -
He's my most used character in Tekken 6 and no guys he isn't slow.