On a scale of 1 to 10: Your disappointment over Watch Dogs Legion's push-forwards?

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#1 sanghelle56
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NOW they say it'll be released a SOLID YEAR from now. December 2020. At least I got my refund when I pre-ordered the would-be May 2020 release.

This game looks so awesome I don't understand. I couldn't care less about Grandma Helen.

This game fixes everything wrong with the multiplayer of WD2. Me, I don't get the jerking around of when it comes out. I'm not rich and I don't plan to give a s**t if it gets pushed to come out for the PS5. My PS4 was an Xmas gift from one of my folks two years back. To make this game hit racks for next gen consoles only is so disgustingly capitalist and uncaring for low income gamers that I won't even bother to wait for ANOTHER DECADE for the damn platform to get discounted.....

So what's your take? Yes, low income gamers exist.