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#101 Posted by MadGrin (9 posts) -

need to post 3 times, sorry.

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#105 Posted by Asmaadnan8 (9 posts) -

Thank you

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#110 Posted by raitho (6 posts) -

Gonna need a team!!

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#111 Posted by raitho (6 posts) -

I just gotta post one more time! Bump!

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HI, I'm Michael the head advertiser at Blabber Lounge. We are a community gaming discord server where you can hang out and have fun with your friends and other members. We are looking for members to join and have a great time at our server. We have giveaways, music, casino, and others. I hope you consider joining this server and having fun on it as well. We have private gaming channels if you just want to play with friends. Anyway, I hope you join and enjoy yourself and our server.

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#117 Posted by MagnusZerock (25 posts) -

Anyone looking to squad up in fortnite? I'm on PS4, my boy and I are killing it in Duos, and we need some consistent players to squad up and get that delicious exp. Please have the battle pass to sit with us lol

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#124 Posted by GameIsLife24 (1 posts) -

How about the STEAM users?

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#125 Posted by RahulSebastian (3 posts) -

@abdullahsohan: i am posting this to create new forum. Thank You.

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Hello :D

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@GameSpot: Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

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#141 Posted by shinichi (5 posts) -

That's a great question

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agreed with you

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#146 Posted by Rack8 (2 posts) -

@GameSpot: What is the trending Game right now?

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@abdullahsohan: go play with my team

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#148 Posted by vancho0795 (5 posts) -

@employee427: iam Agee with you

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#150 Posted by drSebastianfriedrich (10 posts) -

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