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#1 Posted by GameSpot (901140 posts) -

Looking for that special Player 2 to help you take down that big bad boss? Maybe you need someone to give you some tips on that puzzle that's been busting your chops? We're here to help! Just check out head to one of the following threads and find yourself a new gaming buddy!

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  • Official Nintendo ID Exchange Thread
  • Official Xbox Live Gamertag Exchange
  • PSN User ID Exchange
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#4 Posted by abdullahsohan (7 posts) -

Thnaks you so much to give me this opportunity to join with your team.

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#6 Posted by yonyz (646 posts) -

@GameSpot: What about PC users?

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#10 Posted by Employee427 (489 posts) -

@GameSpot: Where's Steam? It's bigger than all of those and deserves a rightful place.

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#11 Posted by shajay (38 posts) -

ok thanks......

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#12 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

Im 1,73m tall, heterosexual male with brown hair and eyes, kinda chubby(though Im working on loosing weight), have a decent job that pays the bill. Im looking for player 2, a decent girl that will help me take down the big boss of life.

Yes, Im joking. Seriously though. My mind went there by reading the title AND the original post xD

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#13 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

Well, guys. This doesn't seem to be catching on, and though I get the need to cover movies/tv, offering dating services is kinda much

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#14 Posted by ThatLavaGuy (4 posts) -

Would you mind giving me some feedback on this video

Loading Video...

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#18 Posted by azizaam (52 posts) -

@doctorzzim: I would! Not a kid btw. pm me or something and i'll add you or you add me.

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#22 Posted by grant-12 (28 posts) -

I would love to, hmu with your deets

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#23 Edited by tadasx9 (2 posts) -

Browser game e-sim. New server just started. Feel free to join

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#24 Posted by rakisseia (17 posts) -

Thanks for this info...

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#25 Posted by rakisseia (17 posts) -

okkeyy thanks for this info..

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#30 Edited by neyucocu (1 posts) -

hello everyone

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#31 Posted by GameWorld3D (2 posts) -

hey guys :)

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#37 Edited by Mark432 (6 posts) -

Thanks dude! :)

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#45 Edited by Salakhan (1 posts) -

Outstanding post! This will really help me.

<a href="" >Christmas Desktop Wallpaper</a>

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#47 Posted by TheTankk (7 posts) -


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#48 Posted by TheTankk (7 posts) -

they are making me post 3 times