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Hello! I'm looking for a game that I saw 1-2 years ago; it involves a group of people trapped in a hospital-type room, not a hospital, just very pristine and that kind of feel, communicating with a face on a screen. All of them have amnesia and can't remember who they are, but they slowly start to remember things as the game progresses. The protagonist is a brother trying to figure out what happened to his missing little sister. The person who trapped them tells him that someone in the room knows something, and they're going to find out while trapped there. There is a secondary character named Lisa. A specific scene that I remember is one where the characters are trapped in tubes of water, and you have to play a mini-game to save them before time runs out; this mini-game involves butterflies. It was third-person, possibly a visual novel game. I didn't play it myself, but watched somebody play the demo on YouTube.

I've been looking everywhere trying to find the title of this game! Does anyone have any recollection of this? Thank you so much in advance!!

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Hey guys!

So I'm looking for an old game. I'm 95% sure it was for the DS. I wasn't really old so it must be from 6+ years ago.

It takes place in a high school and you were able to manage your classes yourself and you could have a mini job. It also was about being a good friend.

One thing I remember the most is one of the songs that always played in the background. It goes something like "I've finally found my people now. Where have you been".

I think it's also with a bit romance but I'm not too sure with this.

It's not monster high, nor surviving high school or any of the imagine series. I really can't remember and it's driving me nuts.

Thanks for helping! <3

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@pamplemousseyay: Sounds like one of the games in the 999 series.

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Hi guys,

It's been bugging me since I played this game a long long time ago like it was 10 or 11 years ago.

-tbh I don't really know if it is a Browser game or a Flash game, but I was playing the game the same time I'm playing Diner Dash, Tumble bugs. and also I'm not sure if this game I'm looking for is a Yahoo Game.

-the game is like Luxor or tumble bugs but you don't shoot the pieces that's flowing on the line, you use those pieces to unlock stones to free the one on the picture that's been locked by the stones (or so this is the right sentence I should be using, something like that)

-the pieces I'm saying has different shapes like the smallest one has like a Rhombus shape, the middle has like and sharp hourglass shape and the biggest one has the shape of octagon or hexagon. (don't remember the rest of the shapes) and you can rotate the pieces by using right click or middle mouse button. Does mouse that has a ball underneath has a MMB ? HAHAHA

-the stones you need to unlock has a different colors like 3red 2green 1gray *the numbers indicates on how many stones you need to put on top of them in order to clear them* (don't know if I remember correctly)

-it has a very relaxing bgm (which concludes this little nostalgia trip I'm having, I couldn't even sleep sometimes)

-I remember one level like it has "The nightingale", A bird who's in a birdcage (don't remember if it was a crow or this was the nightingale) and the Pied Piper

If the description is not enough. I'll make sure to add If I remember some more

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It was a flash game that I found on the internet. It had a real-time turn based gameplay that was a party system style. I played with a healer female and 2 males, 1 had an army uniform and a huge rifle and the other was a swordsman with a sword. It was an rpg but not an online. You had 3 people in your party at max. That’s about all I can remember. It was also in 2008.

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@cygnusph: Is it this one?

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@ericgregg088: Those characters sound exactly like the ones from Epic Battle Fantasy 3 & 4!

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Looking for an indie game from ~2011-2016 with no real goal or focus. Was free to download from the developer's website

Had various vehicles that you could drive around with a sort of steampunky aesthetic

You controlled a female character from the 3rd person

Was probably made in Unity though can't remember for sure

Had an article written about it describing the game as a world the dev had imagined about since he/she was little

Game was 3D but had some pretty simple graphics

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Long shot but worth a shot! So this is a 90s PC game, windows 95 I think, it was like a game show, contestants behind podiums and having to answer question, the host was a lady in a red dress and when someone answered a question right or wrong, there was a farty noise. Anybody have any ideas?? Thank you all

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I don't remember the flash game very well (thanks to my memory) but I do remember some things about it. The game is like Minecraft because it has a lot of blocks. Your character is also a bunch of blocks that can be changed into other things when you unlock them. I played it back in 2015 so it must have been made in the 2000-2010's. At the beginning I remember you start out in a farm or something similar to one. When you leave the farm I believe you enter a city/town/village where there is one place that is protected by guards (I could never pass through it so I don't know much more). That's pretty much all I remember.

All I remember:

It's a flash game (PC)

It's third person

It's like minecraft

It's mostly blocks

You start out in a farm

You go to a village

There are guards somewhere in that village blocking a path

After like a month I gave up finding it since my little brother (8) might give up like I did, but then I found this Forum. If you can't find it, no problem I couldn't either, and that was in a month's time.


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@springbok-black: Nevermind, managed to find it

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@springbok-black: Would be nice if you said its name/where to find it in case someone comes to the thread looking for it or is interested in the game

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I've been stuck on this game for years but I could never once find out what it's called, I'm hoping someone might be able to help

- It started out with the main character walking in the night rain where they move around a big house built into the tree, they find a red head and a old man being tormented by monsters, the character kills the monsters

- You could mine, chop trees etc

- The red head girl has a little sister who bites you

- It was on Ds and was 2D

- you could have kids and such

-The town sometimes had events (the most familar was beating this weird giant creature)

- A cook off

- 2000-2008

That's all I can remember, hopefully it's enough

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@lonk3446: Sounds like one of the rune factory games

@deaymon: It's Zerahypt

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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a pirate themed 2D PC game from my childhood in Germany, somewhere in the early 2000s. It most likely came on a CD since my parents didn't really let me play online games in elementary school.

The main "screen" of the game was an incredibly detailed and densely populated cross-section of a Caribbean island, which was divided by a numbered grid. There was some kind of story that had you search for a person on the map, Where's Waldo style, by clicking on one of the grid squares to zoom in on it and then navigating around the adjacent squares by clicking on arrows on the screen. Once you found the person they would give you an audible description of another person and a clue to their approximate location on the grid. There was also some kind of hint system where the person you just found would give you more details if you were really struggling to find the next person.

The map itself had a huge variety of environments, the bottom had underground ice caves on the right side and a mine on the left, on on the top of the screen were mountains and things going on in the sky, like a hot air balloon, the right side of the island had a river and waterfall, the middle of the screen had some sort of jungle, and I believe the left side of the island had a port or beach of some sort.

I have no idea how this related to the rest of the game but I also remember there being a mini game that had you shooting sailors out of a canon onto the mast and sails of a pirate ship. Each sailor would tilt the ship a certain amount, depending on how far from the center of gravity they landed, and if the tilt became too much they'd all fall off and you lost. Another scene that I can't place is the pretty cluttered interior of the captain's cabin on a pirate ship that had you interacting with things like treasures and maps, although I can't remember he purpose or effect of those interactions.

Thanks for your help, I hope that's enough for someone to recognize the game!

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Alright, so I'm lookin for a bit of an older game, not sure which platform it was on.

-About 13-15 years old.

-Turn based fighting game.

-Had rocks on either side of the platform with a blue floor at the bottom.

-Real cartoony art style. (Round characters, no neck, round arms and legs.)

-The only character remembered is dressed like a tiger.

-No blood, PG game.

-The game was completely free.

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So I'm looking for a fantasy phone game from about 10 years ago. You could never control your heros and they had their own money t oh spend on upgrades. You build a archer camp or something and it would let you buy say 3 archers who would run around and do their own thing. You could try to get the adventures to do what you wanted by making bounties but was no guarentee. The whole time you are playing a mission you are being attacked by waves. You could also use spells to help you minions or bring them back from the dead

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@gerrishjo: The game is named "Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim" you can buy it on GOG

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Hello! There is this particular PC game (which I am pretty sure was bought for me at Staples years ago) that I am trying to remember the name of. I played it back during the early 2000s. All that I recall from the game is you are assigned to work in some sort of factory/power plant and have to play in a large array of puzzling levels. I fondly remember the game over you get when losing; the building becomes engulfed in a purple substance and eventually corrupts the entire world (which basically terrified me as a kid lol).

I wish I could give more details but this is as best I could remember. Thank you in advance for trying to help out. :)

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Hi! There is this flash game I used to play in the late 2000's, so it probably appeared around then or a bit earlier.

You played as this little creature/animal, which was a knight?? maybe??, and he had a bow and arrows (and possibly a sword?). It was set in a forest and I think you had to fight foes in a side scroller-type of adventure platformer.

There was also this wild boar which was friends with the little creature/animal you played as (I think your character has to save him or he was already a playable character)

I think you could also talk to some npcs at some point. Also, it was a third person perspective, a side-view I think.

Sorry for being so vague, I tried to say as much as I could. And thank you in advance!! :D

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Hello ! I am looking for a game, but I can't remember much about it (one level and the hub xD)

So, it was a 3D third person game, probably platformer. I don't remember when exactly I played it, but I think it was 2009 or before, and it was on windows.

I remember that the hub of one of the world was an island, mostly made of dark rocks. The hub was just the edge of that island, and I think I remember there was a boat in the sea, close to the island. Last thing I remember is, the boss of this world was an underwater fight, and if i remember correctly you took control of a submarine to fight a big fish.

Thank you in advance !

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The game I am looking for is a Playstation 1 game and I am pretty sure it is a Japanese game but I could be wrong. Early 2000s.

It is one of those strategy games where you need to chop threes to get the wood, get food, kills animals and such. If I am not mistaken, these guys arrived in an island and had to survive there. It was quite a colorful game, with a more childish looking characters, not like Age of Empires or anything like it. The view is also a top-down-diagonal kind of view.

I know it is a long shot as there are dozens of similar games but it not one of the famous ones at all. I have never ever seen/heard about that game in my life again, and no one I know has ever played it.

Any ideas? Throw me any names that come into mind :)

Thank you!

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@jjakymiu: probable its none of them but i recommend checking them out maybe they will help in a way "Baldies", "warcraft II: the dark saga", "z" ," Populous: The Beginning " , Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, or Warhammer: Dark Omen.

they are all strategy games for playstation 1

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Hello there! I was playing this game before my computer broke down but I forgot to back it up so now I can't remember the name.

It starts with a story that you will find elements to create other elements and the civilization starts then you use the produce to advance in the game.

Starts with water, then sand, earth, there is a volcano and lava that you can use to make rocks, there was clay and then you would build a world with the things you dicovered by mixing the elements..

I played on windows. Not long ago maybe a year, but not sure how old the game was. Kinda reminds me of a populous in a way...

Please help! Thanks?

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@fabsferrari said:

Hello there! I was playing this game before my computer broke down but I forgot to back it up so now I can't remember the name.

It starts with a story that you will find elements to create other elements and the civilization starts then you use the produce to advance in the game.

Starts with water, then sand, earth, there is a volcano and lava that you can use to make rocks, there was clay and then you would build a world with the things you dicovered by mixing the elements..

I played on windows. Not long ago maybe a year, but not sure how old the game was. Kinda reminds me of a populous in a way...

Please help! Thanks?

From Dust

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Hi guys,

I've been searching for a TANK game which I used to play a long time ago:

- From 2007-2011 around this timeframe. It was an online multiplayer platform with no heavy graphics very simple looking

- Red vs Blue with different classes ( "doctor" healer, "spinner" poison, "rectangular looking" artillery, "buff looking" berserker)

- From what I remember these tanks had eyes in front

- There were turrets in this game I'm pretty sure it could hold up to 12 players per lobby or similar to that number

- Each tank class had different abilities. Doctors had healing abilities, the spinning tanks had poison, artillery had missiles and the berserker had cannon like abilities

- This game is extremely old and I can't find any pictures or videos or sites that show this game. So it's extremely hard for me to remember.

- Please help me I will be so grateful and thankful to whoever finds this game. I just really want to relive and share my childhood game which I used to play every day with others. Thank you so much!

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@oareaso: Thank you for your time! Unfortunately no, none of these. The style is a bit more like Baldies, greener and more childish-looking. Better graphics though.

Such a nice game :(

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Hello. 6 years ago I played a multiplayer browser game. It was something 2d i think(the vision was from above, obliq to say), you had quests, a pet from start(the pet was something round, blue or white I remember, and was not an ordinary pet such as a cat, dog, bird etc.). It was cartoon-ish, and was not like RuneScape, WoW, Metin2. I thibk you start on an island or nearby some water, but the zone is like a city builded. Any ideeas?

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Yello everyone, this one has been hitting me hard for a few years now so I've finally caved in and decided to ask for help.

So I played this in the days where looking up "Free game Download" brought demos for Feeding Frenzy and Bejeweled literally everywhere on 3rd party launchers. So I'm guessing around 2005 to 2007 since 2008 was when I obsessed over osu! Basically the game's premise is that you're a girls who's dog fell into a hole and you must go down and dig through mushrooms and avoid being crushed while trying to save them all the while some classical music I can't remember the name of plays.

It's not much but that's quite literally all the game was. This game is a nightmare for me to find and if anyone here knows what I'm talking about, please, free me from this eternal hunt.

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@chris2008: I dont think this is it because it is missing a few detailsyou mentioned, but by any chance is it tank ball?

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I can t find a game which i played when i was little

-Its a war game i remember it was American army vs japanese or chinese......its a first person game i think

-I played it in 2007-2008

-The logo was a american helmet

-When you start the game it show a little movie : few guys walks and one of them step on a bomb

-then you are at military base and u can play with an american football ball , you talk with a mechanic who is under a vehicle

-then we are attacked and the mechanic die and you go to war

-on the road you are on a tank and in frond of you come a japanese with her cow

-he/she doesn t go away and when somebody kills it the war starts

-i remember the health icon is a medicinal snake

-you could go to train on a military base

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for help

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I am searching for a game.

It was a 2D running game for the phone, where you ran against the clock to complete the stage. The stages would have you play as different fictional characters from historical settings, and each section of the game would be in ages, like the stone age was first, then the bronze age, and so on. I believe the characters had humorous descriptions about how they failed at achieving things? The characters themselves were fairly clunky, having the bulbous body and the two feet that weren't really connected to the body, similar to the kick the buddy game. Catapults may have been in certain stages that would launch you across the stage as well.

This would have been anywhere from 2009-2013.

I appreciate the help!

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Hello, everyone.

I'm looking for a flash game that I played around the early 2010's. It was a platformer, presumably a Metroidvania, and the story had to do with the main character (whom I think was a child) having their family kidnapped by aliens after they go into some ruins. Said main character attacked with a bat, and could charge up their attacks and a slingshot was also given to you sometime in the beginning of the game. In the shop in town there was an item that allowed you to roll by pressing down and jump. The first "real" area of this game was a place with many giant flowers and bugs as enemies. It also had an actual 3 or 2 slot saving system, similar to many older games (but this was a flash game.)

I thank you for the help in finding this game.

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Hello everyone

-The game im looking for is a tower defense like game from somewhere around 2007-2012, its a 2d game if i remember, and you defend not a tower or base, but a humvee like truck that is driving through a desert i think, and enemies in cars,trucks,scooters and bikes come behind it and try to destroy it,and you shoot them from a lookout position above the battlefield, and after you finish the level you can buy new guns and auto defenses for the truck, like sentry guns and guys who shoot from the windows of the humvee.I also think that the game has sequels. Its not a console game but rather a game found on game websites like Armor games. Thats all i remember. Thanks for the help

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Hello !

So, I'm in a fine struggle to find a certain game, whic I don't remember much. So, I'm gonna keep it simple.

- It's game where 6 player fight with ship (More space than water) that are shooting little pellets.

-The ammo must be grabbed from little orbs on the map

-The ships leave a colored trail behind them, destroying other if they touches it.

-The game is on a view from above

-There's several class of ship, each with their own attribute (Speed, maneuvrability)

-You can put different skill on your ship.

-It's a browser game, minimalistic in aspect, et it probably isn't that old.

Seriously, it's a little game that you can player a few dozen minutes between two works, and I'm dying to get his name back, so I'll send a virtual hug to anyone finding this for me, be it easy or difficult.

Thanks !

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I am looking for a game. Tauris maybe??

The timeframe is between 1990 and 1995 (I was between 5 and 10.) I have a feeling we were still using NES (I loved to play Snake Rattle & Roll and my brother played Ironsword.) My family had a Packard Bell with Windows 3.1. This game was either run downloaded or on a floppy (B) drive. Other computer games we played were Bolo, a top down strategy of a man pushing balls to solve puzzles; and Jane of the Jungle, a side scroller (I think) where you control Jane on a pixelated adventure. I don’t think the GameBoy Pokémon Red or Blue had been released yet.

About the game! I have a vague feeling it is called Tauris or something along those lines. The game is one player and allows you to use arrow keys to move a selector left and right, and command it to shift up and down. The game has a solid image/color background. The main focus is the center where you are controlling the stick thing. It looks a lot like those puzzles babies play with to try to stack big pieces on the bottom of little ones before you get a big one stuck on top. You can “take” a piece by pressing down and holding it on your stick. You can take another piece or you can move left/right and deposit (press up) the piece in another row. The game starts with 3 rows and can expand. The pieces look sort of like apple jacks cereal from a side view and were a little colorful. When you match colors across (or maybe vertical) they disappear and give you points. If you aren’t matching fast enough the discs will stack too high and you lose (just like Tetris.) I don’t recall sound but I’ve always been a big hard of hearing so that might not be useful. There seemed to be high scores but no solid goal to the game.

This is a great forum thread. I hope someone recalls this so I can play again. :)

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Hello there! I finally decided to try with this forum, because there's no other way I can't possibly find up what I'm looking for.

There is a flash games (those you find on website, just to be precise) I can't remember the name of:

You are some kind of space..... soldier? explorer? trapped in an alien cave. The whole game is 2-dimensional, minimalistic, built on shades of black, from your character to enemies.
The center of your exploring is a narrow black tower provided with 4 cannon turrets. Around you there are 4 passages (lower left, upper left, lower right, upper light). You have to explore the 4 passages and shoot down enemies, which resemble insects of various size, from walking spiders to flying bugs. While shooting down beasts, you collect points you'll use later. Every passages brings on a stage, with some "boss" or collection of enemies I guess. When you finish a stage, beasts start rushing at the central pillar from that passage, in an impressive number. Your only chance of survival is to use your points to activate and upgrade one of the cannons, so that it continuously shoots down enemies in THAT specific direction.
Once you have finished with the 4 passages, you can turn the 4 turrets upwards so that the combined shooting destroys the cave ceiling, thus allowing you to face the final battle.

Thanks to everybody trying to help me!

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Hey! So I made an acc just to try and find this game. Dunno if I'll come back to it afterward or not.

I haven't played it in like seven or eight years, and I just remembered that it existed a few months ago, and it's been bugging me since then. It was really minimalistic, so I remember pretty much everything, except for the name and some miscellaneous details.

It was a 2d pc game that I played in the early 2000s, (I think before 2010, but don't quote me on that) it was almost completely grayscale. The background was completely gray, I don't think there was any gradients or cel-shading or anything like that, I'm pretty sure it was one solid color. There were red and blue balls, I don't think they were very bright colors, and they were just that solid color. The goal was to get those balls into little cups (for lack of a better term; it was literally a square with one of the sides missing) of the same color by clicking them. That's how you won, by getting all the balls into their corresponding cups. It was a physics game that didn't scroll (It was all on one screen) and when you clicked or clicked near one of the balls, they would jump away from the initial part you clicked and created something that I can't explain any better than a radial blast in Soul Knight.

There were slightly darker grey lines that acted as walls, and you could roll the balls onto them, support them with it, or give them a weak bounce off of. Things like that. They were thin, I think. The balls could also bump off each other and could influence the other's movements - the 'radial blasts' moved all the balls in the range, which was around an inch or two, I can only guess.

I believe there was a clicker counter for each level, but that's a complete guess. I don't remember the interface if there even was one, but I'm making a guess based on game design and things. You want to eat levels in the most optimal way possible, so make the player aware of their click count, right? You couldn't ever fall off the level, so this supports my theory.

I don't know if there were more than one of either color, I think so, but I don't remember. For balls or the cups that you had to get them into. I'm quite sure there was only one cup for each color, but I seem to remember some sort of timer level with multiple red balls you had to click to get onto a series of ramps, then you click it to bump it to the opposing side, as that was where they were.

I don't remember there being music, but I think there could have been a little 'booong' sound when you finished a level, and maybe a bump sound when you hit the wall. Nothing that sounded like billiard balls bumping together, more a fist knocking on a wooden table.


2d, one screen physics game I played in the early 2000s with blue and red balls you clicked on/near to move around an otherwise grayscale stage, getting them into cups of the same color to beat the level.

Thank you!

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I'm looking for a game that me and my siblings used to play early to mid 2000s, but it could have been from the '90s.

It was definitely a PC game. I can't remember the exact storyline but I'm pretty sure the main male characters wife goes missing and he searches for her?

It was 2D, the characters may have been yellow.

Point and click to look for clues and items to escape room etc.

There's a part where you have to jump over lava running from a volcano.

I can't find anything anywhere, so any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks :)

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@jjakymiu: was it maybe Tail of the Sun, or Doshin the Giant?

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Usted debe tratar de mirar mobidescargar

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@minishcapper: Hey! None of those, unfortunately. I am starting to doubt myself that this was a ps1 game as the graphics of all the mentioned until now are quite inferior to what I remember that game to be. But then again, so many times I though graphics were amazing until I revisited them 10 years later just to see they were quite bad.

Any ideas of a ps2 game similar to this? You could manage more than 1 pax. A small team. and the characters were smaller than these 2 mentioned games.

Thank you once again!


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Im looking for a game a bunch of kids in my towns middle school played on a browser in like 2014-15(?)

you would run through sort of sci-fi spaceship corridors and use the arrow keys to go over, under, or to the side of random laser barriers

the colors would change as you went and it was all neon and stuff

it had its own website and it might've been someones art project or something. and the music was made by some techno/synth artist custom for the game.

It had the word "run" in the title I think but it was one word.

I think the website itself was like neon purple or pinkish red

I've been trying to find this game for like a year but no google/duckduckgo search has brought anything close

EDIT: it was also 3d/first person and either unity or some other browser plugin based

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@jjakymiu: another popular game of that era was Black and White

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I apologize if this has already been answered, but I am looking for a game within a game. The compilation of games definitely had Paperboy and Prince of Persia, and I'm pretty sure it also had Another World, Larry's Leisure Suit, Worms, and Stunts/3D Racing on it as well. The menu you chose games from had white lettering for the selections, and the background was completely black. It may have required a password for you to play certain games on it. I played it on a PC in the daycare center I went to after elementary school hours until 2008, so this compilation of games couldn't have been made after that. I'm saying this because I don't know if the specific game I'm looking for is on any other program.

Now about the game that I am looking for specifically, the most distinct thing I can tell you about from memory is that it was so neon in its color scheme. It was also a very bizarre game, with a camera view identical to the one in the original Super Mario Bros. The protagonist was this orange ball with a face but no other organs, even including limbs. It was 2D, and I'm pretty sure the background of this particular game was black in between the neon. At least when it comes to the levels I remember getting to. You would have to reach a doorway, maybe a portal, to get to the next level.

Within the levels, I think the ground your spherical character rested on was red, possibly resembling brick. You would pick up food items in the levels to replenish your health, including fries... I'm pretty sure other food items were soda, cherries, lemons, and burgers. There WERE enemies in this game, but my memory is fuzzy on what they looked like.

I want to say one of the enemy sprites looked like a small, probably newborn, green dragon, and understandably spit fire your way to try and kill you as you were progressing through the levels. There was a lot of puzzle involved in completing the later levels. Probably ladders, if not elevators, made their way in later levels. I remember most of the neon that wasn't the ground being purple and red, as well as green.

The face of your character had a huge, gaping, and toothless smile and eyes, but nothing else as far as I know. I have to say this game was 16-bit at the most advanced graphics-possibility. I think it was just 8-bit, however. I think the program this one game was a part of probably came from the late '90s or early 2000s because there were so many 8-bit and 16-bit games on it.

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Things i remember from the game:

- Starting scene has a meteor falling on a nearby hill of the players house

- You play as a kid that gets transported(?) to another world

- You are given a phone

- It might be japanese RPG but in english

- It is definitely NOT Pokemon or Undertale

- You battle Monsters and they give you their number

- You call monsters to fight for you

- It might be a snes or nes or a gameboy but definitely not NDS game cause its old game with old graphics almost pixelated

- I dont remember if you can choose gender but i can remember playing as a male boy

- the games is 2D and in third person like Pokemon

- Unlike Pokemon with its colorful graphics this has darker mood

- No MP

- Couch game for sure

There is a scene i vaguely remember. The boy is in a forest and is divided by a river into four and have to puzzle way through that forest while encountering and battling monsters

The single thing that im sure about is the use of phones to phone in monsters you encounter to fight for you.

The ending was like you get transported back to your modern home with your monster companions gone but the phone stays(?).

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(Already found the game: Mage Bros)

I'm looking for a game that I used to play years ago.

It's probably from the 00's

It was a co-op game where the players were wizards, I don't remember what was the max players but I played it with two, a wizard with blue clothing and one with pink clothing.

It had a 2.5D camera.

In this game you fighted with random enemies with a wand, I remember one of them was a bee.

In the middle of the game you would find a store where you could "upgrade" your wand, like shooting more projectiles at once.

I don't remember anything else.