No reason to get a next gen system yet

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I still have a lot of games to play on my PS3 and Xbox. There is absolutely no reason to buy a next gen system. Most launch and post launch games will be crap but there might be a shining jewel in the bunch. It's still no reason to go spend the money for one or two games. It usually takes developers a while before we starting seeing the potential of the new machines. I'm going to wait a year or two. In the meantime I'm still looking forward to Dark Souls 2 and I've yet to play Skyrim or The Last of US. Currently I'm playing Batman Arkham City. I have way too many games yet to play. If anything I might pick up a WiiU once Bayonetta 2 hits the shelves.

Anyone else holding out on next gen hardware?

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If people like the launch games, its a perfectly good reason to get the new systems. I agree with you though, none of the launch software interests me except Crimson Dragon, and it's not getting good scores and seems to be a rushed product.

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Nope. Jumping into next gen. With gusto. Launch day purchases for both.

But I certainly wouldn't suggest everyone do the same. I just happened to be in a lucky position when they were announced earlier this year. I had been saving up for something else and just rerouted the funds to the consoles. So it's not really a hardship and there are enough exciting titles on both and coming next year that I won't want to wait for either.

Should also point out that this is the first time I've ever bought consoles on launch. So yeah, I get what you're saying and why many people would choose to wait.

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That's pretty much how I feel. I love Nintendo but I didn't rush out to buy a 3DS or WiiU when they launched. Last summer I got a 3DS and by that time, it had some stuff I wanted to play and just now with Rayman Legends, WWHD and Mario 3D World, does it have stuff I want to play now and in most cases, launch games are either medicore or up res ports of current gen stuff. Also I don't get how anyone can afford $900 +games and accessories to get both consoles at launch. I got bills to pay plus we have a perfectly good PC that runs games which has me thinking that we'll be a WiiU/PC house and bypass PS4/Xbox One altogether.

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Holding out for the foreseeable future. I have built a solid collection of games for my last gen machines, so I'm good for at least 2 years with those. I have also found another library that allows me to borrow plenty of games for free that's not far from me. So, I wont have to buy more games, I'll just get them for free and use the money saved to build a bigger PS4 fund. When I'm finally ready to enter next gen, I should be able to pick up the console and 10-15 games all at once.

The library available right now for my consoles can't be beat. I entered gen 7 2-3 years late, I'll do the same with gen 8. It's all about getting the most bang for your buck.

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Your mileage may vary. I found a plenty good reason in Killer Instinct, which opened to door to considering other possibilities. I'm content with my decision to jump in now.

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I'm holding out, I've got a decent backlog of PS3 games still to play that should keep me entertained in the coming months.

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I agree that there isn't much of a reason to jump into the X1 or PS4 right now - people who do will be missing out on great bundles and possible console revisisons over the next 12 months, and the lineup early on is a bit thin.

In other news, the WiiU is starting to become a worthy purchase thanks to the Mario U + Luigi U bundle and a (slow) year's worth of great releases.

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I'm getting a Xbox One this week because I want to play Fifa 14, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse.

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It's hard for me to not get caught up in the hype and resist buying a next gen console but when you think about it, it's true to a degree. MGSV will be my reason for getting a next gen console though.

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I already have next generation hardware: a gaming computer. That aside, I plan on getting the Wii U a year or two from now, when there are more games that appeal to me.

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Anyone see this gamercat comic.

I like the "it's new and I need to own one to feel important." I had a friend on Facebook who not only bought one on launch day, he bought 2 more to sell on ebay (didn't make much of a profit this time) and both his wife (my best friend) and myself have been passive aggressively pointing out what a waste of money it was to buy it now instead of waiting a bit. Along with Knack, he bought Skylanders Swap Force "for his kid" mind you a game that is available for every other system on the market. But we both think the Gamercat comic describes him in a nutshell.

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@jdc6305 said:

There is absolutely no reason to buy a next gen system.

Said, by you, as if it's an absolute fact. I hate when people do that.

In the meantime I will continue to enjoy my PS4, as I know I will also enjoy my XBO on Friday.

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People are still playing their PS3's so keep playing yours i guess

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Well as the saying goes, "To each their own.". Personally if I had the money I'd have picked up both systems right away as they both have a good enough launch line up of games I want to play including cross-gen games. I also like the features that both have outside of gaming and look forward to using those as well. I'm getting and Xbox One first and a PS4 early next year. I will then get a Wii U shortly after that as the Super Mario U + Luigi U bundle is a pretty sweet deal.

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The funny thing is that if they where backwards compatible I would be able to buy the console and at least play some of the old games I have while I wait for new good ones. But since it's not backward compatible then I'll squeeze all the remaining fun I can from my 360 before I make the switch.

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Still got a backlog of great games on current gen to get stuck into, Plus lots of great games still to be released. A new console is nothing more than a luxury at this point in time. The WiiU is starting to shape up nicely though.

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Hell, Resogun has almost made my purchase worth it. It's satiating my shooter urge quite nicely and is crazy addictive.

I bought a PS4 on launch simply to spite MS, and as stupid and petty as that may sound to people, everyone pre-ordering it caused MS to 180 on their DRM bullshit so I believe it was the right choice. I could've just pre-ordered and cancelled but I had the cash and decided to just buy it as I was going to anyway when Diablo III+expansion hits which isn't too far off.

I usually always wait about a year past launch until the bugs are fixed and some games are out but not this time. MS is much more to credit towards my PS4 purchase than Sony.

And I wasn't planning to get a One anyway due to Kinect.

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well, i'm not getting a next generation system just yet. the games aren't available now but they're coming soon and that's promising. the other thing is that i really want to see how sony's gaikai launch goes on ps4.

however, i suppose everybody likes different games so killzone or dead rising might be a system seller to others. plus i suspect a lot of people get systems at launch for the hardware and interface. later on in the generation, the OS will likely be just an intermediary between games and gamers but right now it is a shiny new toy that will eventually play some games.

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The longer you wait the less you will have to pay, more titles will be out, less manufacturer bugs etc. When the 360 and PS3 came out their predecessors became obsolete really fast. It won't be the same this time around. Both companies acknowledged that majority blue collar gamers can't afford next gen consoles right out of the gate. We will see almost just as many releases for our older consoles but they will always be 2nd now to DLC and updates I think. If i had the money for it then I probably wouldn't wait just out of curiosity to see the Xbox one in action.