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Just wondering your thoughts on this game. I haven't played my PSVR in quite a while. I've also never played this game. Is the upcoming No Man's Sky update featuring VR support of great interest to you?

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The game is almost unrecognizable from its launch state that everyone was upset about.

How well it will run in PSVR... I'm skeptical, because it kind of eats resources inefficiently on PC. But VR would definitely add a lot to the immersion in principle

I definitely recommend it - IF you like exploring and crafting. The updates give it much more focus and narrative structure, but it's still faaaaaaar from a story-driven experience. The story elements are mostly there to loosely contextualize your exploring and building.

Very chill game, with a surreal and serene soundtrack that you can basically play forever if it hooks you. The experience of flying down through a planet's atmospheric layers to discover the weird landscape and flora and fauna below is special

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Best space game currently on consoles.

So until some other space exploration sim comes out, NMS is pretty much the only game in town.

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I've enjoyed this game since release. Bought it twice, PS and Xbox and have +100h in each. Might comeback to check the updates. For the first time I kind of regret selling my PSVR, would like to check it.

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Crazy to see a game looking unrecognisable since now and launch. I don't think I've seen it before in recent memory.

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I've not actually played the game yet but I love the soundtrack and bought it on vinyl haha

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Buying it crossed my mind but I was apprehensive at the 49.99 tag at B.B.

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I think it's pretty cool Sean Murray and his team spent three years fixing its very lackluster/ bad gameplay/ empty promise experience. To something Sci-Fi and sandbox fans wanted, and then some. I've read nothing but good things from its recent build.

However for those that think Anthem and Fallout 76 will do the same, take a rain check! Hello Games did it because after selling so many copies and receiving the backlash. They had little choice.

As a developer they cannot move forward when its only IP is a scam/flop joke of the Gaming Community. They had a choice; take the money and run, never making games again. Or fix a terrible game with empty promises, so they can continue as a developer.

EA and Bethesda did not only screw up. They are telling buyers it was their fault, while charging you micro-trasactions in otherwise terrible game(s). And because they already have a demographic with a big portfolio they consider these flops a non-issue till proven otherwise.

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I haven't played this game much for about a year. I was building a lot of bases when I was playing it and having fun. Built some really huge bases on a bunch of different planets.

I was building a big racing track that hovered several hundred meters above the base of one of my planets and went on for miles but never finished it.

I hope they can put in more of a narrative at some point, the universe could be interesting in the game but the aliens are too static.

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I too have heard talk of it being a completely different game then when it launched. I admittedly avoided it after the reviews, but after hearing the talk and seeing that they're implementing VR it's kind of hard to ignore anymore. It's definitely on my radar when I build my gaming PC and invest in VR.

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There are probably very few titles that have achieved what No Man's Sky did. Well, maybe Sea of Thieves did it in a similar fashion too.

Anyway, if you're into exploration, immersion, discovery and absolute freedom of choices and decisions, I could not find a better game to recommend.

I've bought it with the official release and dropped it for two years. Got back at the end of 2018, and my god, I was astounded with the changes they made ( I knew about them from the posts, but still). And the new update is staggeringly good.

So here's my two cents. Cheers¬

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It's a very free-form game, that is my only warning about it; you need to be able to guide yourself, give yourself purpose, to enjoy the game. So if that sounds good to you, then I can't recommend it enough. However if you're a cookie-cutter COD player that thinks they want something different, you probably should not buy it.

It's a great game, though. It was a good game at release and the hate it received was bullshit, but after a stream of huge updates and content additions, it has turned into everything people expected it to be and more.

It's a labor of love from the developer that will reciprocate all the effort you put into it with really great, unique, and original moments.