Nintendo Switch Lite announced

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I guess this topic might be out there... but essentially I just saw this and wondered who is going to want this? I wasn't optimistic at all... it's basically just the Nintendo Switch minus a bunch of cool seeming features and nothing new exactly.

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I think it’ll do quite well. I’m not really that interested in it myself as I’m quite satisfied with the Switch that I currently have but I’m sure that there are quite a few people out there who wouldn’t mind picking this up for a variety of reasons. Some people don’t really care about not being able to hook this up to a tv or features that it’s missing such as rumble, detachable joycons, etc. and just want to play the games that the Switch has on the go and for a cheaper price. It probably looks pretty attractive for parents to get their kids at that price point as well. It’s no doubt attractive for those who want to get multiple Switches for their home also.

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I bought my Switch primarily to hook up to my tv. That I can use as a handheld console too was just a cool bonus. I won't be bying this one.

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I am a bit disappointed with the design and functionality of the Switch Lite. Let's start with the design, it's good, but was expecting it to be fancier. I don't like the colour options, the one I like more is Grey. Not being able to hook it up on a TV is a big loss. Then again, I don't own a Switch. But if I do, I would stick with the original Switch,

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I honestly expected more from the Switch Lite.

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The design looks ok to me but I don’t really care for the colours that they have for it right now. I am expecting to see a lot of different special editions for it over its lifetime. Depending on how nice or cool one looks I could be tempted to pick one up. A Breath of the Wild 2 Special Edition would certainly be one that I would consider.

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I've got the original Switch so I'm all good for now. Though I think it'd be appropriate for a sibling of mine to get one.

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it's basically just the Nintendo Switch minus a bunch of cool seeming features and nothing new exactly

Would compare it more to the 2DS or Micro. The budget option.

Not sure why people think this is an unheard or unforgivable model variant. Nintendo has done this before time after time.

Next we'll probably get a premium model that's better than the standard Switch. Which is the one I hope has far better battery life.