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In late 2005, the ninth installment of EA Games hit the market with the most detailed and thrilling racing game of its time “Need for Speed Most Wanted”. The game enjoyed sale of 16 million copies worldwide which made it the best-selling game of the franchise. Need For Speed franchise enhanced the game with cop chases, free-roaming, car upgrades, and rivalries. Even after the release of several other installments by the franchise including NFS Hot Pursuit 2, NFS Most Wanted 2012, and NFS Undercover, the game still has the same fan base and even it is termed as the best racing of all time by various pro gamers.

Let’s have a look in a game which never gets old!

Stunning Graphics

Although Need for Speed had already worked on its games graphics but, in Most Wanted they took it to the next level by adding speed effects to give the player a real feel of driving. The game had the finest textures with no object overlap glitch. The game allowed the same thrill even for low-end PC gamers with compromised graphics. The game, unlike NFS Underground, was based on daytime racing, the environment was perfectly designed having detailed trees, sunlight, and rain effect.


Just like NFS Underground, Most Wanted also had free-roaming in the game which also added some more fun and feasibility in playing the game. Free-roaming offered a chance to explore the areas having most hideouts and suitable places to dodge the cops. After upgrading the car, the racers used to take a test drive in the open world to check car’s grip and top speed. The area was also preferred to put some damage to the states’ property adding more bounty to the account. In some cases, the players used to drive the car in free roam to find some random racers to beat them and earn some bucks.

Car Customization

This was the most liked feature in Most Wanted was car customization. The feature allowed the players to upgrade their cars as much as they could. The upgrades had vast variations from body to separate performance parts including Nitro, Turbo, Engine, Transmission, and Tires. In body upgrades, player had choices of roof, body kits, spoilers, rims, and hoods. In visuals, body paint, rim paint, and vinyl patterns were included. The car customization was essential to make the car competitive to the other racers and minimize the heat level.

Police Pursuit

Now that’s the part we all still love to play as it was and is still the frustration killer. The game had a wide scenario of cop chase from which the players could earn bounty and get themselves up in the rap sheet. In order to challenge the Black List rivals, the player had to earn good bounty. The player could enter in pursuit either by selecting pursuit events or by showing reckless driving on the roads, damaging states property, over speeding, or driving off the roadways. The more a player used to stay in pursuit, more the heat level raised.

The pursuit, in total, had five heat levels. After each level, the police used to come with advanced cars and at the fifth level, spikes, roadblocks, choppers, and sports cars were used by the police. It was good to keep the Cobalt in action and keep an eye on the map for breakable structures.

Black List

Now here is the part for which the game meant. Need for Speed franchise introduced, for the first time, rivalry in a racing game. Black List contained the data of fifteen most nasty drivers. The player had to beat all fifteen racers in order to beat the game with the evading jumping while being chased by the police. To challenge a Black List rival, the player had to complete the given race events and earn more bounty then his rival in a police chase.


Not a thrilling single-player story mode, but Need for Speed Most Wanted also had Player vs Player and online mode. The player vs player mode could be played in a split-screen mode whereas playing in online mode required a good internet connection like Viasat Exede Internet or Frontier high-speed internet. Online multiplayer racing was good to play against pros and nourish the skills.

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NFSMW was awesome. No NFS, not even the remake comes close.