NFS Undercover+crapy car+walkthrough

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Hey, I just noticed that there r trophies for Undercover, so i started playing the game all over again and now i am stuck on 55%, the problem is that i have a crappy car "Dodge Challenger" the 1 u get after the tri city tournament. The Handling for this car is really low and i can't drive good with this car. I am on a race "Gold Coast to Ocean" everytime i race in this event, in the ending (ex: 75% of the race) there r a lot of sharp turns and cuz of bad handling i always crash over there!!!! I played this race like more than 10 times and trust me it's frustrating!!! i went on my GPS map and i saw that i can do the tri city tournament again, my question is can i get to choose a new car after the race, if not, is there anyway i can get a new car????

plz HELP ME!!!!