NFS: Hot Pursuit of Motorstorm: Apocalypse?

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I've played racing games before but never seriously and have never bought one for my PS3. I'm a very cheap gamer for the most part and these two games are fairly inexpensive. Which one should I buy? NFS looks better and looks great, but Motorstorm looks more epic and can be played with friends locally. I've seen reviews and am still having trouble. I'm leaning towards motorstorm right now.
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Actually, I just checked Amazon and the prices changed. I originally wanted Dirt 3 but the price was $45. Now its $25. I think I'll go with Dirt 3 but I have time before I actually buy it so state your opinions.
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IMO DiRT 2 was better than DiRT 3 - but of the 3 games you mention I would go for NFS Hot Pursuit.

Similar to DiRT - Motorstorm Pacific Rift is a much better game then Apocalypse!!

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Get motorstorm is more faster and more epic!!!
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motorstrom have the edge over NFS hp

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NFS is a fairly straightforward arcade racer. MS:A is much more action oriented. So it depends on what you want. Both games are great IMO, but MS: Pacific Rift is also a great and probably cheaper alternative. And don't disregard Split/Second and Blur: both are also arcade style action racing games. And yes, I've played them all...