Next Gen facial animation?

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Hey guys. Found this clip on youtube of what looks like some next gen facial animation. What do you think? The lipsynch and eye movements are extremely realistic and the performance is pretty gripping.

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Very cool stuff. I was confused at first cause I thought it was a guy. I am not sure if I want my games to be as cinematic but its great stuff.

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Yeah the shaved head does make her quite androgynous. No time for hair in war-torn situations. ;)

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@darkcitycop: It's interesting. The mouth is a little over animated though, I think.

The biggest problem to producing a believable character model is that so many animators underestimate the value of a properly animated tongue. It's the most consistent reason I've found that I have trouble reconciling what I see when a character speaks with what I expect to see.

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Cool video matey.

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I think it's going to be a combination of this and MotionScan (used in L.A. Noire). This video looks great, btw.

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IMO, they've already reached the level they need to this gen. L.A. Noire and TLoU bypassed the valley.

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Nice seems like they have gone in another direction then LA Noires face capture tech.

But nice video.