New releases: What Are You Buying/Post your buys

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Going to buy The Evil Within 2 next week

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Just Bought The Evil Within 2 from Amazon UK

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I just bought Sudden Strike 4, Pillars of Eternity, Evil Within 2, Fallout 4 GOTY, BF1, preordered BF2, Wolfenstein, and A.C. O. Phew...

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I want buy Mars Alive this game, a new survival game which have open-end ending, although it don't be launched. But from its twitter, I can tell it which is pretty good, if you have some interesting about it, just search it.

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AC Origins

Wolfenstein 2

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@sukraj said:

AC Origins

Wolfenstein 2

Got the same games on Monday. :D

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@suicidesn0wman said:
@sukraj said:

AC Origins

Wolfenstein 2

Got the same games on Monday. :D

Cool Have fun bro

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Buying COD WW2 Tomorrow

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Getting CoD: WWII later today.

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Newest Global Pocket RPG in 2D! Pre-registration is now open. Get the exclusive rewards here ;)

You may get the game thru this link:

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A Nintendo Switch and all of those lovely indie titles that are scheduled for this year and next.

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I am buying Star Wars Battlefront 2. Also I have Call of Duty WWll and South Park The Fractured But Whole. All of them are and should be good!

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I bought assassins creed origins deluxe edition. Was it worth it? Well, in my opinion, no it got very boring as I got further in the game.The reason why was because of the leveling system which got really annoying really fast. When you play a mission and you are too low of a level you die so quickly and it's really hard to kill the guards. I'm not saying that the game is terrible or anything I'm just saying as an impatient person this is really annoying so if you are impatient take caution when buying this game. Even if you are impatient I still recommend you to get this game just wait until it drops in price so you don't waste money.

Note: this will not apply to all people

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I am waiting for this one: Happy Empire - A Bouquet for the Princess. I luv to play casual games like this. But I don't really know the release date... Sorry, can't post gameplay video as this game is not available yet.

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You may check it thru this link

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Recently picked up Assault suit leynos for my ps4. Its Contra, and the anime Armored troopers votoms rolled into one. Also picked Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon being a huge fan of the first.

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@garfield360uk: left 4 dead support on mobile?

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I got Xmasgeddon, my friend recommended it to me. I just start to love the shooting games :D do you know this game?

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good,very nice

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i am planning to buy GTA 5 and farcry 3

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@garfield360uk: really?