NEW-Recommend me essential games and franchises?

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Hello! I like to play videogames and to be fan of franchises. However, there are too many. So I was thinking about adding some that are of quality and replace any of the list that is not worth. Here are my franchises:


-Final fantasy

-Dragon quest



-Tales of


-Fire emblem



I like games with good story, hate shooters, and like platforms. Also open world ones are fun, if they are not in first person. Also, I am a console sony player and Nintendo.Do you think there is any not worth? Which ones I would love?

All of these is because next year I will have less time and I will be able to play less games, so I want to play essential ones. For example, I believe AC and Tales of I think that can be replaced. Anyway, I wait for your answers.Thanks!

EDIT I also accept games

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Metal Gear Solid series

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky + Trails of Cold Steel series

Witcher series

Dragon Age Origins

Mass Effect


South Park

Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2

The Last Story

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Those are some pretty high quality franchises and I don't know of much that does what they do better. I will recommend Checking out Shin Megami Tensei 5 when it comes out on Switch. It's the series Persona was spun off from, and sort of plays like a combination of that and Pokemon. You fight demons, and upon defeating them must negotiate to convince them to join you. If you have a 3DS you may want to pick up SMT 4, as it is a good starting point to get into the series.

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@judaspete: are not too difficult? I heard that

Also I am thinking about trails, Ys and star ocean

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@skaidus: I've only played SMT 4 and Persona 4, and didn't find SMT any more difficult than Persona. But yeah, from what I've herd the earlier SMTs could get brutal.

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@judaspete: Oh ok, I will se if I pick up the IV. Maybe later apocalypse. Its true, the 3rd is considerated too hard

But also a masterpiece lol.

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@darktruth007: are the LoH different to other jrpgs? I want to find something different in order to have a variety of Jrpgs

Huh what about yakuza?

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Since you don't like Open World Games that play in first person as well, i assume you don't like first person games in general. That's sad because imo some of the best and long lasting franchises are either Shooters or other first person games, like the Half-Life-, F.E.A.R.-, Deus Ex-, Thief-, System Shock-, Call of Duty-, Far Cry-, Crysis-, Dishonored-, Doom-, Quake-, Unreal-, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.- and Wolfenstein-Series for example.

However here are a couple of my all-time favorite franchises that are not first person games but still so good that i can happily recommend them to anyone only remotely interested in games (but be warned that some of them, while not being first person shooters, have some "shooting premise" or gameplay mechanics similar to first person shooters):

- The Gothic Series

- The Command & Conquer Series

- The Splinter Cell Series

- The Age of Empires Series

- The GTA Series

- The Dead Space Series

- The Resident Evil Series

- The Max Payne Series

- The Diablo Series

- The Mass Effect Series

Former if you like platformers, here are two more franchises that i enjoyed to some extend and should be very interesting for you as well, even though i think they are both extremely overrated:

- The Tomb Raider Series

- The Assassin's Creed Series