New Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Gameplay Mechanic - Hack and Slash Battling

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#1 Posted by HystericalGame (25 posts) - Click on the video for the Partial Scan + Commentary. The new gameplay mechanic that they're implementing in Naruto Storm Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is basically a port of Ultimate Ninja Impact into the Story mode. Using "The Ultimate Decision" story mechanic, which allows users to choose what situations they get into while free roaming in single player, you can find yourself in a situation where you have to fight multiple enemies (ie: Zetsu Army, Samurai, Fodder Ninja.) When situations like that arise, you will enter a Hack and Slash style of gameplay and more or less be playing an advanced version of Ultimate Ninja Impact, hopefully with better movement and character hit boxes. This news comes in a Partial scan leaked today, be patient, as the full scan drops later this week, and i'll be sure to have it! What do you guys think about this cool addition?
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Combine this with the amazing story mode experience they brought back from Storm 2, I'll consider this when it come down to $10- no- $20. A good story is worth a good story's price, so I'll be willing to pay Indy price for this.

Let me know when they make the actual fighting gameplay good. That's when I'll be willing to shell out more than that.

(Don't take this post as a means of bashing or trying to sound like an arse, just my opinions- thank you for the find, this has actually sparked my interest beyond seeing the 3rd Hokage vs the Kyubi gameplay).